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Sunday, March 7, 2010

Rice and Beans: An easy toddler activity.

This is another activity I found at Children's Learning Activities.

I just bought some dry beans and rice....and poured them in a bowl for Parker to play with. When she's done....I put them back in a zip-loc bag. I hope to eventually get a plastic container with a lid that we can just always keep them in, but haven't made it to Target yet!

She loves this and it's an activity that I do not have to be sitting right next to her for her to enjoy. She doesn't need the guidance.

However.....with that being said...the first time we did this a few weeks ago...she came to me later that day and told me she had a booger in her nose. It looked like a big one! I held the other side of her nostril closed and told her to blow real hard....she did....and a big bean flew out!!! I was so shocked (and kind of disgusted...haha!). Fortunately, it was one of the bigger beans so it didn't go too far up. It could have been bad! So today when we sat down....we went back over the rules of no eating, no sticking in the nose, and keeping it in the kitchen! :)

This activity is great for practicing pouring....

And for the sensory aspect of the different textures....

One happy girl!

It's not without a mess....but the sweeping isn't too bad.

More importantly....our 2 year old is entertained!! :)

1 comment:

Kristin said...

That is a great idea! Fun activity for Miss Parker!


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