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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

8 hours at 8 weeks!

I put Grace down for the 'last time' at about 9:30 last night. I made it to bed by 10:30. I woke up around 3am to Grace rustling about. I was happy to look at the clock to find that she had been asleep for almost 6 hours straight. I didn't get up immediately because I wanted to see if she would settle herself back down. She did.

This was good! The only thing I was awake....waiting for her to wake up to eat....and getting excited that she was still asleep.

The clock approaches 4am. Yay! She's made it almost 7 hours!!

The clock approaches 5am. Yay! She's made it almost 8 hours.

Now I am finally settled back down and about to fall asleep.

She wakes! Haha! Isn't that about right??

She ate and went back to sleep...and we even had to wake her up around 9:15 am.

Today, she's been a little off on her 'schedule' I'm not sure if the 8 hours is something I can expect tonight....or if she was just finishing up her 8 week growth spurt? We'll see....


Viv said...

Beautiful, sweet little baby girl!

Kristin said...

Happy 8 weeks!!!!

Kelli @ Our Growing Family said...

YEA for Grace!!!

Jennifer said...

YEA! Wouldn't you know-Hudson slept last night from 7-6:15 but Landree was up from 3-5:45 and she nevers wakes up at night! Happy sleeping tonight!

Snider Family said...

Lucky! I didn't get Reagan to sleep that long until about 8 months. I need you to teach me before the second one! Good girl Grace!

Jodie said...

Love the pictures! Congrats for the sleep.


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