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Thursday, May 20, 2010

Quilt Progress.

I had ordered the material for Parker's quilt about a month ago.

(I think it was a month ago. Time, to me, is all relative these days. Two days? Two weeks.? It really just all blends together. Will I ever get my 'normal' brain/memory back???

I'm not holding my breath)

Anyway....I kept dragging my feet because I could not commit to a iffy that I might not like it...that I'd regret what I made...blablablabla.

I really started to annoy myself.

So I buckled down...told myself to make a decision...that it was not the end of the world. If I didn't like it, then oh well. It would be practice, I'd learn, and Parker would still end up with a quilt...even if it didn't end up as her bedding.

And I can always make her a different one. Right?

I decided on this quilt...only I am making mine twin size (or so I hope), instead of queen size.

And as it turned is coming together much faster than Grace's quilt. Grace's just had so many more pieces...which meant more sewing...more mistakes...more sewing.....more mistakes......etc, etc.

So this is my progress....

I began by cutting my pieces (I still need to cut the material for the borders)

Then made my layout....that ultimately changed a time or five....
Then I started piecing it together earlier in the week. Initially, I was so proud at how fast it had taken off. So impressed with 'how much faster' I had gotten.

Then I started to look closer...

My seams aren't really lined up as they should be.

I convinced myself that this problem was only in a few places. That it was all right.

Then I kept looking.

And found....


And this.

Wowzers! And this.

Yep. Uh-huh. And this.

Oh wait! Here's one that is almost right! But this is one.

So I kind of let this get me down and haven't worked on it much since. But honestly....I haven't had time the past few days! If the girls nap together, I can usually get some done...but if they don't...then it's a wash, and I may try after they are in bed for the night. But if Parker gives me's either too late, or I'm way too tired (both mentally and physically) and I know that I will make even more mistakes..... so I don't even try!

So's not coming out as cute as I had thought up in my head. But I said earlier...she'll still have a quilt. I love sleeping and napping with quilts! To me...they aren't too hot or too cool.

Oh...and sweet Geoff. He tries to encourage me by saying things like..."It's ok, Marla. It still looks good. It's just........authentic!"

Riiiiiiggghhht! ;)



I think he's still impressed that I'm even attempting to do this. He's ready for me to be done with both of the quilt tops, however, so that I can have them quilted and be actual quilts....finally!

1 comment:

Viv said...

I think it's going to be great, I totally agree with Geoff, plus you are making it for her and she can keep it forever.


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