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Saturday, November 6, 2010

Grace @ 9 months

Disclaimer: This post was written last Thursday.....2 weeks ago......, but I am just now getting around to posting it!

Grace turned 9 months old on Tuesday (Oct 19)! Can't believe it. But I will save you my monthly spill on how fast time goes. Or wait....did I just do it anyway? :)

So what is Little Miss up to these days??

- One of the sweetest things, in my opinion, is how she will lean in and give us a kiss when we ask her. She started doing this a couple of weeks ago, and it just melts my heart! Oh- and after she gives us a kiss....she starts clapping for herself......I guess because we would praise her when she first started giving us kisses!

- When she is feeding herself puffs......she will sometimes hold one up for us to eat!

- Wearing size 3 diapers. Wearing size 9 month clothes, although, I think she would fit in 12 months if I would get them out! :)

- Still not crawling! She does this army crawl/scooting on her belly thing. She will start off crawling on all fours.....then realize that she is going slow, so she starts up her scooting. Let me tell you.....she is fast! I think that's part of the reason she still doesn't do actual crawling, because for her.....the army crawl/scooting thing works out really well for her! :)
- She hasn't gotten in any new teeth, but has been working on her 2 front ones for the past few weeks. Those teeth really give her some fits! This is how her gummy mouth looks now...

- She is pulling up on most things! She really does well with the things that she is able to reach, and she'll pull up all by herself (since October 5th).....and over the past week, has started standing on her knees and trying to reach to pull up on the things that are a little taller.
- She will take steps when holding her arms or hands.

- Her schedule:
-Up at around 5:20- 6:00. :(
-Nap at 9:00 for about 1-2 hours
-Nurse and eat a fruit and veggie at lunch at 11:00
-1:00-1:30 nap time. For maybe an hour?
-3:00- nurse
-5:00- fruit and veggie dinner (we are about to expand her menu now that she is 9 mo old!)
-7:00- nurse and to bed (trying to hold her off longer and longer because this time change is really going to get to me! I don't think I will be able to make it if she starts waking up at 4:20 in the morning!!!)

- Still such a sweet and loving baby. Although she is becoming a little more bratty prissy.....I would still say that she is pretty laid back and will go with the flow. A perfect mesh for our family since Parker (and I guess myself, too) are not so 'go-with-the-flow' type of people. :)

- Plays Patty Cake!

My, how you've grown!!!

9 month stats-
ht: 28.75 in (88th percentile)
wt: 17lb (25th percentile)
hc: 45 cm (77th percentile)

Everything went well at her well-visit. I was a little concerned with her drop on her weight curve, but the doctor wasn't concerned at all. She said she would expect it of a breastfed baby.

Interesting fact that I learned: Most formula fed babies by this age are drinking around 40oz a day. In 1 oz of formula, there is about 20 calories. Breastfed babies at 9 months, are probably not getting anywhere near 40 oz....and breast milk has about 10-12 calories per ounce....while at the same time....the fat, protein, and carb content of the breast milk changes throughout the stages of nursing. Seems like common sense to me now, but found it so interesting when the doctor told me this and thought I would share.

And maybe it's just the difference in my kids....but Parker was on formula by this point and was such a picky eater and really wouldn't eat much. Grace, on the other hand, eats everything. It makes me think that maybe Parker didn't eat as much because she wasn't as hungry because of the formula, and now that I nurse Grace, she has more of an appetite. Again- could just be the difference in the kids and one has nothing to do with the other, but interesting, nonetheless.

OK. I'll stop on all of that. :)


And here are a few of the out-takes from her growth chair pics that I got a kick out of....

This just might be one of my favorite pictures of them....

She even squints her left eye sometimes when she's laughing or smiling....and ya'll....this is just like her daddy! And look at those sweet feet!

Until next month....(in only 2 weeks she'll be TEN months old!!)


The Fenter Funny Farm said...

Sooooo cute.

Snider Family said...

They are looking more and more alike to me. Especially in the picture that is your favorite! Adorable!

Anonymous said...

OMG, they are both getting so big. And, Parker has such long pretty hair! They are just precious!

Grunwaldt Family said...

Can't beleive that she is already 9 months!! You have two beautiful little girls.

Kristin said...

Love how you have done all her monthly pictures!! Sure wish I would have done that! Maybe next time :)

oliviadog said...

I love your posts about Grace! (Even though I have never met any of you). Sabine is just 4 days younger and so it is so fun to read how Grace is chaning.

You are also really inspiring me to start a baby blog too! I love your pics and stories.

I too, just adore the monthly chair photos! Grace will enjoy those so much when she gets bigger.

Sabine is also still breastfeeding and also eats anything and often a lot of it! She hasn't ever had cheetos, but really likes rice cakes (similar principle).

Jennifer said...

Oh my! I love these pictures and I love how you can really see her personality! So sweet!

Anonymous said...

Hi sweetie, granny missed your
sweet hugs to day.
see you soon

Our Family for His Glory said...

That precious girl is growing so fast!!! I always love the pictures... those pictures of the two of them together are priceless!

Megan said...

Pictures are to die for as usual!


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