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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Our Halloween 2010!

The first part of our Sunday was like any other. Wake up. Church. Lunch. Home. Nap {maybe}.

Then later that afternoon we headed to our church's Fall Fun Festival. The first activity Parker participated in was the cupcake walk for kiddos 5 and under. Surprise, surprise.....everyone received a cupcake! :)

She enjoyed it. As well as.....

...her sister who got to have a taste of chocolate for the very first time.

She played in a small bouncy house....

Stood in line for "plinko"

She actually did really well....and knocked down 2 out of the 3 pieces of candy!

Geoff wasn't able to come because he wasn't feeling well. So it was just me and my girls (we were there with my mom, Terry, and sister's family, too).

By the time we got home from the Fall Festival, it was about 6:40 and time to start getting ready for bed. My kids seem to be early risers (up before 7am.....but I will say....this have been getting better, thankfully) they have early bedtimes! :)

Our plan was to not trick-or-treat this year. No real reason other than we thought if we went to the festival then that would be enough.

But when we got home, there were trick-or-treaters filling the streets of the neighborhood, and I suddenly got in the mood to participate. It's like it had not already dawned on me how much fun Parker might have going to door to door for candy....especially this year since she is getting older.

So Geoff and I quickly discussed it, as we were losing daylight and good moods from our 9 month old.....and decided to go for it! So I scurried to put on Grace's ladybug costume that Payton wore last year that Kristin had brought over just in case. Then ran into Parker's closet where I had luckily left her cupcake costume from last year hanging in the very back. Parker was more than excited to put on her cupcake and the headband with a 'strawburry" on it. She even requested to sleep in it! ;)

And out the door we were in, seriously, less than 5 minutes!!

We were only gone for about 30 minutes....but it was the perfect amount of time and we thoroughly enjoyed watching Parker enjoy herself so much.

Grace's first Halloween! On one hand, I feel kind of guilty like I should have made it a bigger deal for her first....but after making her a Halloween dress, I kind of lost my luster for coming up with a costume, too. Maybe I will make up for it next year! Halloween just sneaks up on me every year....even when I try to plan in never works out. ;)

It's pictures like this that truly tug at my heart because she looks so much like a little girl {obviously}.....but just growing up so fast!

This little one enjoyed her cheddar puffs! These are our saving grace {no pun intended} when she is a little tired and we need her to just last a little longer. And while I realize teaching her to eat when she is tired is not the most desired, it works for us in a bind!

And these next few pictures I wanted to share because she is so funny making this face all of the time. I think we (I) must make this face to her because when she sees me, she will smile and then squish her face up like this.

Parker loved going to the doors and saying trick-or-treat. At one house there was a group of people that went up, and Parker followed along. I ended up not going with her because by this time, she had gotten the idea, (and it seemed that there was always a group of kids already at the door), and she ran back out to us saying, "They don't have any candy at that house!" Then a kind gentleman informed us that they did, in fact, have candy, but that there was a skeleton of some sort that scared her and so she didn't want to accept the candy. I felt bad that I didn't go up there with her because she is, after all, only 3. But anyway- we moved on.....and I walked up to all of the doors with her from there on out.

Several times she would run ahead and we'd have to remind her to stay with us! She'd say, "Ok- let's go get some more candy."

Still eating her puffs!

Hope you all had a Happy Halloween (Even if I am 2 days late in posting. I'm actually impressed that I am posting at all. haha)


Megan said...

Grace's face makes me laugh. So stinkin' cute!! They are precious in their costumes!! Last minute or not!

Kat said...

Those last minute plans are sometimes the most fun! They look so cute in their costumes!

Snider Family said...

I agree, last minute or not they look adorable! I am so glad I got to see. And Grace looks like a doll in these pictures, her eyes are gorgeous. She looks so beautiful!

Jodie said...

Grace was one cute ladybug! And Parker is looking so much like a little girl! Love the pictures and I am glad that you did post.

Emily said...

Two little girls into costumes and out the door in 5 minutes?!? I'm impressed, Marla! You're super Mom!

Kristin said...

They looked so cute in their costumes!! I love Grace's faces too!!

Viv said...

Looks like they had a wonderul time. Precious doll babies.


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