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Monday, November 22, 2010

Grace @ 10 months

This month has been great. She is really letting her personality shine through and she's just a blast.

-She has gotten a few new teeth? And they are coming in kind of crooked. She comes by it honest, though! She got in one tooth on the bottom and her right front tooth.

-She can say, "Ma-ma!" and "Da-da!" And she uses the words discriminately most of the time. If she is upset and crawling and crying and trying to find me....she will just say over and over again..."ma ma ma ma ma..." in her pathetic, little, so sad voice. Pitiful, I tell you. :)

- I have started to try to get her to say "Baby"....and a few times she has responded with, "Bwa-buh"....which is exactly how Parker said baby! Although- she has no idea what a baby is.

-She wears size 2 diapers (she didn't shrink from last month when she was wearing size 3....but they started leaking, so we moved back down to size 2....we are not almost ready for size 3 case you were wondering)
-when she opens a book by herself, she'll start 'pointing' to things....imitating what we do with her.

-pulling up on everything

-starting to cruise around on the furniture

-when we turn music on, she will usually start smiling and then 'dancing'. Parker never really did this, so it is fun to see.

-Sometimes I hold something in front of her like I am going to give it to her, then as she reaches for it, I pull it away. I do this a few times and she just gets the biggest kick out of it. So now- she will hold things out...and as we reach for them, she pulls them away and starts laughing.

-When she starts to get into starts touching the playstation and cable box, I"ll say, "Nooo Grace. No, no!" Or something to that effect (NOTE: I am not yelling or even raising my voice, it's just kind of funny to see what she does." She'll stop....turn to look at me....then shake her head no...then laugh at me....and will sometimes say, "Nah, nah!"....then goes right back to doing what she was doing.

-Loves to pull her sister's hair and bother her. I secretly laugh inside because I feel like it is Grace's little way of paying back her big sister for all the poking and prodding she has/is/was doing to her.

-As I am walking into her room to put her to bed....she will usually lay her head down on my chest....and I will pat her back a few times, then rub it. So we are entering the hallway to get to her room, she pats my harm a few times and then rubs it. It took my a while to figure out that she was doing that to me because I do that to her. Her soft little hand is so sweet rubbing my arm!

-She knows how to gives kisses.....but will rarely give them to me anymore. :( Little stinker! She knows exactly what she is doing.

-When she has a dirty diaper....I say, "Shew-ie, shew-ie!".....and shake my hand in front of my nose/face. The other day, I just said it (with no gestures)....and she started shaking her hand in front of her face. I laughed out-loud. Kristin tells me that she remembers that Parker did this, too. But I honestly don't remember. Makes me sad, though....that I don't.

-If you give her a bowl of some sort to play with....she'll put the things that are laying around her, into the bowl.

-She has starting picking up our cordless phone....pushing buttons...then putting the phone up to her ear and starts 'talking' saying, "aah! aah! aah!" or something to that effect! I tried to get her doing it in a picture, but of course, I did not.

-She pick everything up off of the floor. Ev-er-y-thing!'ll see that she has found a crumb of some sort on the floor. Reeeaching....

And now....eeeeating. Do you think I deserve mother of the year for this?

-She just started walking using the push toys...and can walk while we hold her hands.

And she was so happy when I sat her on this riding/push toy.

-Loves, loves, loves to eat! But....if you try to give her something that she does not want....she will say, "Nah, nah, nah!"...and shake her head and hands....and push the food away.

What's funny is.....I opened up a can of peas the other day and gave Grace a few....and she acted as though she loved them. The next day- I gave her some more....she still acted interested. But something in it a mother's intuition.....knew that her 'love' of peas would be short lived. So I decided to have a photo shoot of her eating the peas (and no- I do not have a lot of free time as it would seem....but what else are you going to do?).

- She still nurses 4 times a day (around 7, 11, 3, 7) and eats her food around 7ish, 11is, and 5ish. She goes down for her naps around 9:30 and 2:00....and will sleep anywhere from 30 minutes to 2 hours.

-Can turn the light on and off. Geoff taught her how to do this... and when we are walking out of a room, she reaches for it.

-still doing patty cake

"patty cake, patty cake!"

"roll 'em up, roll 'em up!)

"throw 'em in the pan!"

Hoping to maybe get her growth chair picture tomorrow. I'm such a slacker!


Megan said...

Slacker! Gosh, where is that growth chair picture? That is my favorite part. Just kidding! I mean, don't you have so much time on your hands? HA HA HA!!

I always love your monthly updates! She is such a doll and always looks so happy!!

Kristin said...

Growing so fast! She is doing SO much more than last month! that's how fast it happens I guess!! :)

Love all the pictures of her! She is really the sweetest baby!! So cute!!!

Viv said...

I agree, She is just a beautiful, happy little baby girl! She is indeed growing so very fast.


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