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Sunday, September 15, 2013

a Rainbow Dash birthday gathering

My first-born, Parker, turns 6 this week.  {sniff} And so we had a little family gathering at our house this past Saturday.  I had totally planned for her to have a 'girl' party and invite all of her girl friends from school....but she told me she just wanted to have a party with all of our family instead.  And so we did.  I love these kind of parties.  :)

In keeping with my theme this year of simplicity...

She said she wanted to have a My Little Pony party.  Rainbow Dash is {sometimes} her favorite (depends on the day, the hour, and the position of the moon)...and so I ran with the rainbow theme.

I ordered a DIY printable banner off of Etsy, strung it on twine, made her a rainbow cake, a rainbow maxi skirt, half a dozen balloons, and got her a Rainbow Dash necklace... and called it a party.  :)
Truth is...I could have spent hundreds more and gave her an over-the-top party....but the bottom line is....I think she enjoyed this one just as much.


This cake turned out to be fairly easy to make.  2 white cake mixes, 2 tubs of white icing, food coloring gel, and 6 round cake pans.  I divided the batter fairly evenly and ended up baking on 350 for about 15 minutes (3 at a time).

My original intentions were to ice around the edges, but it was so moist, plus I think the consistency of the icing...all made the cake sort of crumble.  I was sure that it would fall apart when we tried to cut into it....which I was already preparing myself for, convincing myself that it'd still taste good regardless.

The birthday girl!  
This is the very first maxi I've ever sewn.  I had all these big plans to sew me lots of them when I was pregnant...and then sew some for the girls to match.  But I was intimidated by sewing knits for some reason (coupled with limited time).  But for her party, I knew I wanted to use this rainbow chevron pattern.  And then while looking online to purchase...I discovered that this pattern now came in knit.  So the maxi skirt it was.  And it only took me 1 hour start to I think future skirts could be made in much less time since I already have all of my calculations and probably won't have to look at the tutorial again.  I used this tutorial, by the way.

Our family of 5.  Looking at this picture, I still think "Wow...there's a lot of us."  And I love it.

We just ordered pizza for dinner.


My niece, Payton

Papaw and Nolan

Gran and Aunt Sis

Payton, Grace, Parker

Poppa and Gramma

Mimi and Parker

Parker and Granny (Parker was just beaming this whole night...just soaking up all of the attention.)

Aunt B and Dave

Now make a wish!

And the cake stayed together!!!  I didn't have any (not much of a cake person) and people said it was good.  Not sure if this is true because I do not think they would have told me otherwise.  :)  But it sure did look neat.  I've made her a different rainbow cake before for her 2nd birthday, but it was a little different than this.

We took her outside to take a few pictures of her and I wanted one with her, too.

Cannot believe it's been 6 years since this girl made me a momma for the first time.  Bittersweet.


Lauren M. said...

That last picture of you and Parker is precious!

Viv said...

Loved the cake and the party was so nice. Most importantly she seemed very happy and that's what it's all about!

Courtney said...

Oh wow! You got some really amazing pictures! Happy birthday, Parker!

Heather said...

Hi Marla! I hope Parker had a great birthday party! I love all the decorations! Especially the cake! I'm Heather and I was hoping you would be willing to answer a quick question about your blog! My email is Lifesabanquet1(at)gmail(dot)com

Pei said...

i LOVE LOVE LOVE!! happy belated to Parker! i had meant to text you, but got busy during the week with work/precepting.


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