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Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Nolan @ 4 months

Sweet, sweet baby boy.
-bagan rolling over front to back on aug 9
-wearing size 3-6 mo clothes
-size 2 diapers

-wake up around 8ish in the morning...then eats about every 3 hours.  To bed around 8ish in the evening.

-Naps:  He usually has about a 1.5-2hr  awake time followed by a 45 minute nap.  About a month ago I tried to change his 'schedule' so that he would sleep for longer stretches...maybe just two- 1.5-2 hour naps in the day (morning and afternoon) and then a catnap in the evening.  But that all backfired on me- and so I decided to just go with his flow and when he's around like a mad-woman trying to get all I can into 45 minutes.  This way- I know what to expect, and not disappointed that he's woken up 'early' because I already know.  :)

- Sleeping through the night?  NO!!!!!!  At about 2 months he was sleeping very consistently 8-10 hours straight.  I was in heaven.  Then- starting about 2 weeks ago- he started waking up every 3-4 hours in the night.  Just.  Like.  He.  Was.  When.  He. Was.  4 weeks old.  It has dramatically affected the amount of sleep I'm getting, and what little brain power I did have, has been significantly diminished.  I had a really good talk with the pediatrician yesterday and so I'm trying to find some ways to rectify this situation.

-Everything goes into his mouth!

He had his 4 month check-up last week and everything is looking good.  I really love our pediatrician.  Her office is quite a ways from our house, but now that we have 3 and she's seen us for every single well-visit...I really feel I can trust her.  She's usually always running late, but that's because when it's your turn to talk about your kid and concerns...she takes the time to answer the questions.  And she definitely remembers who we are.  :)

-Weight: 14 lbs, 3.5 oz  (50th percentile)
-Height:  25.5 inches  (75th percentile)

We went to my sister's after the appointment and he fell asleep in my arms.

He's a pretty happy baby.  People will ask if he's a good baby and I'm always hesitant to say yes.  And I think it's because- yes- he actually is a very good baby.  I think it's just a tad bit harder since he's my 3rd.  And so in addition to taking care of him, I have 2 others to worry about and take care of.  
But yes- he is a good baby.  He's happy most of the time unless he's hungry or tired.  He will entertain himself a lot of the time under a play mat or in the bouncy seat.  He very rarely goes in the swing.

And these girls....they LOVE their baby brother so very much.  I don't even have to bribe or bargain with them to take a picture with him.  They are always more than happy to oblige.

Nolan Whitt-

Over the past few days you have just been melting my heart over and over again.  If possible- your smile has gotten brighter.  Your whole face just lights up when you see me...and you start 'talking' and kicking your legs and waving your arms (and now your smile at me is even bigger and better than the one you make when you're looking at the butterflies under you play gym mat, haha!).  And it seriously just almost takes my breath away.  It's like- I think you've known I'm your Momma for quite some time (from the beginning, quite possibly)....but now you're kind of becoming my little buddy.  And I am loving it.  I'm still trying to figure everything out about you- all the things you like and don't like (which I know will change as you grow)...your schedule (or lack thereof)...and just how much you need to eat (this has been such a big challenge this go around with nursing and such).   While the time is flying by faster than it ever has before- I'm trying not to lament the past, but rather, live for today and enjoy this moment.  And am looking forward to the many adventures that lie ahead.

Bottom line:  I just love you so much.  So very blessed and proud to be your Momma.  I pray over you (and your sisters)- that me and your daddy- that we will do our part to train you up in the way you should go, so that when you are older, you will not depart from it (Proverbs 22:6).




Kristin said...

Growing way too fast! I too love his sweet smiles!

Viv said...

He is indeed growing so fast but oh so precious. Your post brought tears to my eyes! So, so very sweet!


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