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Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Labor Day

We had a pretty good day here.  We started off the day with pancakes and bacon....and ended with family movie night.  These days are few and far between, and we try to soak them up when we do have them.

Today is the last day that our neighborhood pool is open and so we had told the girls that we would try to take them swimming one last time.  We had some storms last night (yay!!!), but they had let up by this morning, and so we didn't let a few clouds stand in our way.

Geoff went on with the girls while I fed Nolan and then we headed to the pool.  I wasn't sure if I wanted Nolan to get in thinking that the water might be too cool and since the weather wasn't too hot due to the clouds, I didn't want him to be cold.  Geoff and the girls convinced me it wasn't too cold, so I got him dressed and into the pool he went.

When I got there both girls were, "Watch this, Mom, watch this."  And so I did.

Swimming back by herself!  So proud of both of them for all they've accomplished this year in swimming!

Jumping in backwards.

Ready for his first swim!

I have put Nolan is this little pool that we have in our backyard (that we put up for the girls) one time and he did all right.  But this was his very first time in a real swimming pool.  :)

Within seconds....full on meltdown.

It did NOT help that the girls were in his face so much.  They do love him so much and were SO excited for him to be in there.  But sometimes....they're just a little much.

So after we got them to step away a bit...he didn't seem to mind.

Back in his face...

Love this one...

My people.

Parker's swimming has really matured.  She was swimming around all over.  I say just like a little girl...meaning- just like we did when we were older and didn't have to wait on someone to help us.  She's getting so big!

Silly girl.

 He seems to tighten up when Little Miss comes around.  She sort of doesn't know her boundaries. Haha!

He actually liked floating this time.

I think all that swimming wore him out because we came home and took a 1.5 hour nap!

We had In-n-Out burger for lunch (my first time and thought it was delicious).

And after his nap a family trip to Wal-Mart...and another quick nap for baby boy.

We came home, put in a movie, and let the girls eat their dinner on a picnic blanket in front of the TV.  And all kids in bed by 8!

We're ready (mostly) for Parker's first day of school tomorrow!


Kristin said...

Looks like a fun day! I love all the pictures of them swimming! Glad Nolan liked it for the most part! i guess I need to give in&out another chance, have only had it once and wasn't that impressed.

Viv said...

Haven't tried in and out yet, heard mixed reviews so we need to try it. Loved all the pictures and so proud of the girls and their swimming!


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