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Monday, July 21, 2008

10 months old...

I had mentioned a few days ago that Parker is now 10 months old. I know every month I say this, but I can't believe how fast time flies! Well...I guess I can believe it- because it happens, but it all does go so fast. She's still a baby, but I can see inklings of her looking more like a "little girl" rather than a baby. Bittersweet. I love watching her grow and learn new things everyday, but it's hard not to look back and think of when she was so little and new. I look at her hands and feet now, and think- they are still small, but so much bigger than they were! Anyway- to update on how she's progressed since she was 9 months...we are now down to about 1 bottle per day which is the one before she goes to bed. The transition to the sippy wasn't too difficult. We just put her formula in them when we fed her breakfast, lunch, and dinner, and at first, she would drink a little, then we'd put the rest in the bottle to make sure she got it all. But now she's really getting the hang of it and I think she likes it better than the bottle!

Our trials with trying out new foods got better as the month progressed. The only 'baby food' we feed her now are the fruits. They seem to be easier since they don't spoil after only a few days. She will not eat the baby food veggies, but she will eat the frozen veggies that we steam (even peas and green beans!!!). She loves chicken...not too much a fan of beef, and there is still so much more to try! She also likes cheese and yogurt!

I did find her 7th tooth yesterday! For some reason I thought she wouldn't get any more teeth until she is one (and I do not know why I thought this), but she did! I had noticed for the past few weeks more drooling (like when she was 5 months old), but I just blew it off and didn't think a thing of it.

So now I have been going through the house and putting up all of her 'baby' the bouncy seat and swing. She hasn't used either one in a couple of months, so I figured with the new and many toys and things she has to play with now, we needed to make some room. So I am taking them apart the best I can and trying to pack them away nice and neat so that we can use them again one day.

I guess that is all for now...I hope your eyes haven't gotten too tired!

1 comment:

Viv said...

I could never get tired of hearing this and looking at her pics etc. It is just so true, time does fly by like crazy. I look at pics of you as a baby then a young lady..., it all seems like just a few weeks ago.

Love to you all, Aunt "B"


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