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Wednesday, July 2, 2008

It only takes a second...

So today I was doing my laundry, and the new thing is for Parker to come and "help" me. She stands at the door of the dryer and talks and screams to hear her voice echo. Then, more recently, she has decided to pull the laundry out of the dryer and throw it on the floor.

But today, I briefly stepped away (for less than FIVE seconds!) to place a shirt on the drying rack (which was 3 feet away!), and during this time, Parker decided she was done "helping" me. As I turned bak to the dryer, I noticed she wasn't there, and knew immediately where she the bathroom across the hallway. It was too late...her hand was in the toilet! Uuuughhhh! Anyway- I washed her hands with soap and water 3 times, and used 2 antibacterial wet ones in between and after cleanings. So the moral of the only takes a second for her to get into any and everything!


Viv said...

She is a busy little girl! Normal, busy! You are right, you can't take your eyes away for 5 seconds even. She is just such a doll!

Harley Chick said...

Marla - too funny - I can just picture you washing Parker's little hands - three times and antibacterial soap - still chuckling thinking about it!

Parker the explorer!


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