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Tuesday, July 29, 2008

First steps???

For about a week now, Parker has been taking a few steps at a time. For instance--when she is standing up and holding onto something, she will let go, take a few steps, and then plunge forward toward me (basically- if I was not there, she would fall on her face). But today, she was holding onto a toy (a distraction) and I stood her straight up a little ways from me. I backed up, held out my arms and said "Come here..." ... and while looking me straight in the eye, she took 5 steps "pat...pat...pat...pat...pat..." They were slow and steady, and there was no plunging forward! It only happened once today so I'm not sure if I'm supposed to count those as her actual 'first steps,' but I do consider them improvement. We're proud of her nonetheless!


Viv said...

I'll bet it won't be long she will be walking all over the place! Love to you all! Aunt "B"

Harley Chick said...

Precious Parker! 5- steps! Pretty soon you will be everywhere Mom is and then some! Mommy will be searching for you all over the house once you get the hang of the steps!


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