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Friday, October 3, 2008

A few random things....

This is what happens when Daddy gives Parker a bath
and is put in charge of dressing her for bed....

Parker (along with myself) doesn't seem to like what he does ....

But he ultimately won....(her hair was extra wacky the next day!)

And then there's pizza!!!! Uummmm.......Do you think she likes this stuff???
This is a very special treat for her! We've let her have a few bites every now and then, but last night, she ate a whole piece! I do kind of feel guilty because I know it's not the healthiest thing, but I justify it by getting the "The Natural" pizza from Pizza Hut that has whole wheat crust, organic tomato sauce, and natural cheese (whatever that means). And I justify it even more as a semi-wholesome meal because you have your whole grains, fruit (tomatoes), and protein (cheese). Anyway- yesterday, we did try to feed her some fruit before the pizza arrived, but we didn't get far. As soon as she saw the box, she started pointing and whining and reaching and trying to get out of her booster seat...all to see what Geoff was doing.
We cut it into small pieces, but we could only put them on her plate a few at a time because she just kept stuffing them into her mouth one right after the other! We had to laugh.... My how her personality is coming out!


Jodie said...

First off- LOVE the hair! Second- Who says pizza isn't the best choice for a meal? You are has dairy, protein, grains... Enjoy! I am glad she liked it so well.

Kristin said...

MMMM... pizza... of course she is going to love it!! Don't we all!! And the hair.. very nice~~

Anonymous said...

Oh yeah to be young again.
Hey Parker that Pizza sure looks
good did you save Granny some?
Love ya,


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