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Thursday, October 16, 2008

And so...the parenting begins...

These pictures only briefly explain what it is like to try to study/get some work done while Parker is still awake. She wants to be everywhere I am, doing whatever it is that I am doing. Truth be told, I do love this....but at times it can be a bit trying. pretty for the camera...

I had a test on Wednesday, but I was home with her on Tuesday. I sat down on the floor with her to play, but realized after about 15 minutes of sitting there, that she didn't really want anything to do with me and that she was doing fine playing by herself. So I thought to myself, "I should try to read some notes while she is playing, instead of just waiting until she goes down for a nap." Nope!! There's something about me just sitting there, and then there's something about me just sitting there and reading. It doesn't really work out. She started whining and pointing...I gave her one little packet of notes thinking this would buy me some more time. Nope! She kept pointing. She wanted my pencil. "Ok!" I thought..."I give her my pencil....I have 5 more minutes." Nope!! She took my pencil, then proceeded to take all of my papers with her to the floor where she began "writing" on them. I just laughed and gave up.

Is it possible that she has hit the terrible 2's early??? I mean...seriously....I used to say that Parker was pretty well-behaved in public, the hard part was just getting her in her car seat. I now officially retract that statement. It is still hard to get her in her carseat, but today at our Wal-Mart trip, she proved to be less than a little angel. There was the throwing back of her head, screaming, arms was good times I tell you. I even let her walk a bit...big mistake on my part because when we were on the card aisle, she thought it would be a good idea to take all of them out and put them on the floor. Mommy was not so smart with that decision. But I will tell you of the last times that I picked her up and she threw her head back and I was feeling somewhat defeated and helpless, I reminded myself...."I am bigger than you, and I am the boss!" (I think the boss thing may still be up in the air!) So at this point, I am determined to put her back in the seat of the cart...I do succeed in this...only she ends up facing backward....and alas...we have silence. I did get many stares due to having my child in the seat of the cart backward and without the little seat belt fastened....but do what you have to do... and my hands were on her the whole time. So my eyes were opened once again to see a different side of things. Things are not always what they appear, and yes... I was letting my daughter ride in the cart backward, which I guess is considered dangerous, but I also consider it dangerous when she is mid-fit, throwing her head and neck all around. These fits, I guess you can call them, have really been escalating the past few days. We really try to pick our battles, but at the same time, we don't want to reward her for this behavior... and so we let her throw her fit...especially when it is something that is for her own good. Geoff and I were talking tonight about how we've been shaping her behavior since she was born, but now we feel more like "parents" because we are really trying to teach her that we can't always have the things that we want exactly when we want them!!!


Viv said...

It is tough! But I know ya'll will make the right decisions with her. She's just so smart and will soon figure out ya'll are the bosses. Little toot! She's a doll and she knows it you know. She's a good girl!

Jamie said...

Oh, Marla! I could write you a whole email about this, but i don't have time! I know exactly how you feel! and it hasn't gotten any better for me yet! I actually think I lived out that very situation at Wal-mart last week with abby. except I decided to give her a big thing of gerber snacks (which I think are the equivalent of cheeto puffs) and she was quiet for a long time. When I finally got in line to pay for them, I had to hand the cashier an empty canister because she had eaten ALL of them! So, I think I beat you on the bad parenting thing. oh, an abby rides without that belt on ALOT! love ya! she is so cute!

Anonymous said...

Oh Mama, Listen to God's Word, A
spat on the leg can fix more things
than just thinking you are the boss, it shows who is boss. Proverbs 13: 24 KJV says: "He that spareth his rod hateth his son
(or daughter): but he that loveth
him/her chasteneth him/her betimes". Read it also in other
versions. Think about it. It's
cause I love you both that I tell you, Your Granny

Kelli @ Our Growing Family said...

You're normal, she's normal...and we have all been there (we are still there!) You're right, you're the boss. Always remember that!! I think that is a hard thing for some parents. Don't give into what she wants and one day the battles will become easier and faster.
Don't feel bad about the cart. People may look at you, but you do what you have to do! :)


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