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Saturday, October 25, 2008

Is this thing scary looking to you?

So tonight Geoff and I are going to a Halloween costume party where I will be a hunter that shoots Geoff, who is the deer. We got the costume today because that is the way we seem to do things around here, no matter how hard we try to do them early...they seem to get done last minute... Oh well... Anyway- when we got home, Geoff wanted to try it on to see what Parker would do. We thought "...surely she will be scared..."...not that we were trying to scare her, but you know what I mean. But no....right when she saw it she started smiling and walking towards it. Then she reached for it...

And she even gave it kisses...

It was hard to get her face in the picture because she would smoosh her face into the deer face (which is actually constantly being inflated with air)...

Oh...and then we had to put on more shoes... (this was right before we gave her a bath...which is was a little early today due to the party tonight...)


Harley Chick said...

A girl after my own heart - I'll be more than happy to assist with the shoe costs, Paker!

Love you.

Anonymous said...

Parker you take the love of deer
from you Papaw Martin. He'd be
excited about that part maybe not the shoes.
Love you,

Viv said...

Ya'll looked great! She knew that was her Daddy under there! Go Parker, keep on lovin' those shoes.


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