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Tuesday, November 3, 2009


At 0600.....I hear from what sounds like the other room a small voice say, "Mommy."

It must be a dream. It's still dark outside. I continue to keep my eyes closed.

What seems like only a few minutes pass....and I hear again, "Mommy."

This brain started functioning at its minimal capacity and realized that the voice I was hearing was not a dream, but in fact, Parker.

I hurry out of bed...walk into the living room....she's standing there holding her cup of water that I had left out from the night before.

She says, "Parker awake!! I go doctor today. We go libary and read Spot!"

I quickly say...."No- we don't have to go to the doctor today.....and it's still night-night time."

I take her into her room....attempt to change her diaper, but realize it is still dry (going on 11 hours now--and I decided to pass up the opportunity for letting her try to go on the potty in an effort to keep the stimuli at a minimum). My feeble attempts were just that....feeble. I proceed to rock her for 30 minutes hoping beyond hope that she would go back to sleep--knowing full well, this would not be in the cards.

After 30 minutes she informs me that, "Parker's diaper is wet now."

So I give up on the whole returning to sleep thing.....the sun is coming up at this point. I am changing her diaper and she reminds me yet again, "Parker awake! Parker awake!"


You see- some of the 'fun' and irony to this story is that just this past Thursday evening a friend asked me how Parker was doing in her big girl bed. I quickly responded, "I hate to say it out loud....but she's doing great! She even stays in her crib when she wakes up until we come and get her!"

!2 hours later....on the following Friday morning......she gets herself out of bed for the first time...opening her door and taking herself into our room and announcing...."Parker awake!"

Yeh, yeh- it's cute and all.......but 6am??? Really?

Missing the confines of her daughter's crib,

p.s. and maybe it's time to start potty training??

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