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Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Me, in my scrubs.

So here it is. A picture of me in my scrubs. This is something that I had been 'planning' on doing since I first started nursing school 2 years simply take a picture of me in my scrubs. For memory's sake. But like many things....I just never got around to doing it.

But yesterday (Monday) was my last. official. day. to. ever. wear. these. scrubs. Did you hear me?? I never have to wear these scrubs again!!!! I finished my clinicals last week (as you already know), but I had to wear them on Monday because we took our class picture....the one that will be blown up and displayed in the hallways of the university along with all of the other graduating class photos for over the past 30 years. It was a calm sort of way. Just another marker/milestone in reaching the ultimate goal of graduation!!! (which is only 25 days away, in case you are wondering)

So in honor of my last. day. ever. I got Geoff to take a good-ole-fashioned-stand-in-front-of-your-fireplace-picture like we did growing up on our first day of school. You know....the ones that are so staged and you don't look your best because you kind of look awkward standing there alone....and smiling? Yep...just like the one you see above! :)

(and it would have been nice to maybe have taken this picture before I was 7 months pregnant and just barely fitting into my top because I refused to buy a bigger size for just a few short weeks)


I included the pictures below because it is one of Parker's many meltdowns recently caught on camera. The story goes like this:
  • Geoff was trying to take my picture.
  • Parker wanted to hold/play with the camera.
  • Geoff (of course) said no. Parker's feelings were so hurt.
  • She melted.
  • Mommy saved the day. Haha. ;)

Bless her heart.

We turned on Nemo and all was right with the world again.

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