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Sunday, November 1, 2009

Color Me House!

For Parker's birthday, my friend Jenny got her this Color Me House.

I had never seen or heard of this before...but thought it was just the neatest thing! It's a basically a cardboard 'house' put it together....and then the kids (and possibly adults...ahem) decorate it to their heart's desire.

So that's what we did this afternoon. I'd been waiting for a day we could do it as a family...and a day that was not raining. So here we are....6 weeks later and painting the 'house'.

First- Geoff put it together in a couple of minutes.

I think she was a little unsure of going in it at first....

But she did not hold back when it came to the painting. After attempting to initially eat the paint, she actually started painting the house.

Then- for about the next 10 minutes.... after each time she would put paint on her brush, she'd say (while shaking her head), "Parker not eat paint." Haha! That's my girl!

She wanted to check Geoff's work....

Parker had so much could just see it on her face...with that extra bounce in her step as she got to choose between the "geen", "red", "bue", and "lellow."

But honestly- I'm not sure who enjoyed it more....her or Geoff??

This is the picture Geoff drew. Can you guess who all of the people are supposed to be?? :)

We were even easy-going and let her put her own paint on the plate. She felt really special. :)

And in case you were wondering.....

And now for some play time in the house....

I love this can only see her little hand shutting the window.


Milstead said...

What a cool idea! Puts my gift for her to shame...which I haven't even given her yet. So double shame. But I wouldn't want to gift the flu, so I'm glad I've stayed away. :) Looks like ya'll had fun.

Kristin said...

That looked pretty cool!

She looks cute with her hair in a pony tail!

Viv said...

what neat ideas people have for kids. Can tell they both thoroughly enjoyed that!


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