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Friday, November 27, 2009

The Snowman

This snowman was the very first Christmas decoration Geoff and I ever bought together. We were engaged...3 months from our wedding date....he was living in our old house...I was still living at home with my mom....but it was the first year that we could decorate our house.

And it lights up, too...

Snowmen have always been one of my favorite decorations (after the nativity, of course...which Parker also seems to really like this year). Santas sometimes look kind of scary....don't you agree?

Anyway- Geoff got the Christmas decorations down for me the other day. Today, Parker discovered them. So I obliged and started to get some of them out.

This snowman was all the rage.

She loves it.

She would pick it up. I'd tell her that the snowman had to stay on the 'snow.' That bit of information wasn't too helpful.

The arms are they do come off....but still....this makes me a little nervous.

Now here's the funny part.

She has taken to this snowman so much, that she starts pretend crying {for the snowman} that she can console it.
parker and the snowman 2

Oh wait. Maybe this next part is funnier.

Here...she is literally introducing Lovey to her snowman. She was actually telling Lovey that this was the snowman and making her give it kisses, too!
parker and the snowman 1

I don't know about you....but this picture just seems kind of fortuitous to me. Who will survive the Christmas season....Parker or the snowman???

1 comment:

Viv said...

She is such a doll! I'll bet she will be so very excited about Christmas this year!


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