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Wednesday, December 9, 2009

33 weeks

Well..I've made it to the 33 week mark. Nothing much to report. I did go to the doctor last week for my 32 week check-up-- my blood pressure good, baby heart rate good....belly still measuring about 2 weeks ahead....which is about how Parker measured, too.

Also- the other thing that has changed since my last baby update is that my c-section is not going to be on the 18th afterall.....I guess in all of their scheduling they discovered that they were already booked. So we are now scheduled for Tuesday, January 19th at 1pm. It upset me at first...don't really know why...I guess because we had a plan and then it was changed....and I think I had it in my mind that I wanted it to take place earlier in the day.....but I have come to terms with it (gee- am I dramatic or what).....this just must be the day that was meant to be (unless, of course, she comes before then, and then that would be the day that was meant to be).

Weight. We don't really need to get into that. Except that.... I will share that last week 3 people said to me in the same day, "'re due any day now, huh?" To which I chuckled (kind of) and told them that no, in fact, I had 8 weeks left until my due date. And dear, sweet person asked, "Is there one or two in there?"


Do you have any "fun" stories about what people said to you when you were pregnant?


Kelli @ Our Growing Family said...

I think you look absolutely adorable! Based off of the size of your belly, it makes me realize I have not seen you in awhile.

People do say crazy things to pregnant people. With Jackson, before I even knew the gender....before 20 weeks....before I should be BIG....a student's parent said "You're having a boy, right?" I told her I didn't know yet and she said " will be a boy because when you're pregnant with boys, your butt gets big!!"

Monica Jackson said...

Ha! I just read Kelli's too... Yeah, the cashier told me (when I was pregnant with Abbey) that I was having a girl, because my hips were fat. And I got the "any day now" question a lot with Max. OH, and REALLY exciting was yesterday, the girl at the coffee shop asked me (while was I was there with my DOUBLE stroller and both kids... and looking fabulous) when I was having my baby. I hate people.

Viv said...

I don't think that you look big at all. Don't have any personal pregnant stories to tell, but I think you look wonderful!

Audrey Sue's Mommy said...

I think your belly looks wonderful and healthy!!

I got the "You must be having twins" SEVERAL times because I was polyhydramnios. When I was exactly 6 months and getting scanned at the airport, the TSA worker asked me if I was 8 Months pregnant... It wasn't fun!!


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