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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

6 weeks old already

Well...Grace is 6 weeks old today!

She is starting to look less like a newborn and more like a 'baby' (I know that sounds silly).

She is staying awake for longer periods.....and crying more. :)

She is still eating about every 3 hours during the day....and at the night....well....I guess she is still getting up every 3-5 hours....although this past week it seems more like every 3 hours and sometimes has a hard time going right back down. :)

She seems to be a little more impatient these days.....where earlier in her life she was more laid back. Not so much these days. :)

She still furrows her brough quite a bit.

She has been intentionally smiling at us, too! It is the sweetest thing. Really.

Hard to believe that in just 6 more weeks she'll be 3 months old.

It seems as though her infancy is going so much faster than Parker's did.

I think I am feeling more exhausted this time around, but I think that can be expected.

All in all...we are really doing well.

Grace is such a sweet baby...and we love her to pieces.


Kristin said...

So sweet!!! I love you Grace!! Happy 6 weeks!!

Viv said...

Very sweet pics! She sure looks like her big sister, doesn't she!

Jennifer said...

Just wait she'll be six month in no time! It does go so much faster the 2nd time! Happy 6 weeks!

Milstead said...

LOVE this post! Her expressions are priceless! I love that little worried/concerned furrowed brow.These pictures made me giggle because she's just so freaking cute!!! LOVE it. I need to come see her soon.


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