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Monday, May 24, 2010

Our Garden Culprit

Meet our garden culprit.

Well...he's not the actual one. But you get my point.

We finally planted our vegetable garden a little over a month ago. Since then....we really haven't done much with it. We've watered it. We've put out our coffee grounds to hopefully help with keeping some of the bugs away? Inspected the leaves for evidence of bugs. We've waited. Waited for them to GROW.

However, not much has happened....if anything.

About 2 weeks ago...Geoff found some rabbit "poo-poo" (as Geoff and Parker would say)....and Geoff actually wanted me to take and post pictures of this to show that this was 'why' we weren't getting our vegetables. I.....however..... opted out. :) (Aren't you glad I didn't listen?!)

This morning....Geoff and Parker were eating their cereal at the kitchen table..... and who did they see hopping along in our back yard???

A rabbit.

Acting like itowned the place.

Making his (or her) way to our garden.

After they spotted the rabbit...they moved to the dining room to look out that window because they could see the garden from there.

This rabbit worked its way from one end to the other...sniffing each and every plant!!

So we brought in reinforcements.

Added a little more organic fertilizer.....

And chicken wire.

I know these rabbits can be sneaky....and often outsmart us. But here's hoping for the best!


Kelli @ Our Growing Family said...

That is so funny that y'all caught the rabbit in action. I can picture you all running to the dining room window! I wonder if he/she will try to come back tomorrow at the same time? Have the video camera ready!

Viv said...

well that dirty rotten little rabbit! Hope ya'll have blocked him out now!

Jodie said...

Sneaky rabbits! The fence should keep them out. Now your garden can grow!

Milstead said...

Well, I'll let you borrow Lola for a day. She killed a bunny in my parents' yard last month right in front of me and the whole fam. I heard it screeching, saw Lola grab something and start running toward me with it hanging out both sides of her mouth. Of course, screaming, crying, and pandemonium ensued and I looked at her differently for about a week. Last week Virtue brought me a dead lizard. I wish they would both stop loving me so much they feel like feeding me. It was traumatic, but if you need a rabbit killed, Lo's your girl.


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