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Sunday, September 5, 2010

Anyday now....

....I think this little gal may be crawling.

Saturday morning, it was just me and her.

Parker had spent Friday night at Grandad and Mimi's house. And I was sitting on the floor...playing with Grace.....when I suddenly realized that I had not taken her picture in over a week. I know I have a ton of pictures of her....and when ever I look back at her pictures....I'll never say, "I wish I would have had pictures from the last week of August of 2010."

But anyway- since we were alone...I thought it an even better idea to snap a few photos. And I am so glad I did. These are some of my favorites.

Starting out...

On her belly....just rolling around....making sweet faces and sounds at me...

Chewing on her fingers because she is working on getting more teeth in....


Smiling so sweetly....

Rolling more....

Then....I decided to put one of the toys she really likes in front of her....BUT....out of reach.

She sees it. And focuses on it.

And the journey begins....

I keep telling her she needs to have her hands on the ground to move forward....but she forgets sometimes, I think.... :)

She'll almost get into the crawling position.....then she'll roll over....or almost roll over and stops herself when she realizes that she is not moving forward as she had hoped.

"Mom?? Are you going to help me, or what?"

" am I going to get that in my hands and then into my mouth?"

UP!! {I love it!}

She had to take a break for a bit to chew on her fingers. Priorities, you know.

She ended up giving up....and rolled around a bit more.

So I tried it again....this time...keeping the toy out of direct reach.....but to where she still had to work for it.

Such a serious face.

Taking a break. This is hard work!


And reeeech again!!


So I start clapping and cheering and talking loudly. She is so proud of herself.

And, of course, I am proud of her, too!


Emily said...

These pictures are soo sweet! I can't believe she is about to crawl, she looks so determined!

Viv said...

She is so precious. It won't be long she and Parker will be chasing each other around the house.

Anonymous said...

Oh my granny is tired just looking
at all this hard work. Sooooo sweet wish I was close enough for a hug.

Kristin said...

How cute!!! I love it! She will be crawling soon!!

Jodie said...

Very cute pictures! It won't be long before she crawls!

Our Family for His Glory said...

Hurray!! How cute! I'm proud of her now too! :)


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