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Sunday, August 29, 2010

Letter of the Week: S (continued)

We painted with Straws!! This idea is in the Toddler's Busy Book. You basically put a little paint on the paper....then have your child blow the paint around.

We cut out Stripes to put on our S....

....making our Striped S!

I printed these off from Confessions of a Homeschooler's site. She used her Do-A-Dots to make the letter Ss. She loved doing this and I printed off several copies for her to do throughout the week.

S is for Square! I got the idea for a Square puzzle here.....and then decided to make my own.

First....I made this one, not knowing how she would do with a more difficult one. And she did it perfectly the first time. (I have no pictures because we were just playing on the floor and I didn't want to ruin the moment by getting up to get my camera.)

Click on the image to download it yourself. Be sure to make 2 will be the puzzle, and you will cut out the squares with the other.

Then- I made this one that is a little more difficult. She made a few mistakes....I think she felt more intimidated by it....but I definitely see us using it again.

Click on the image to download for yourself.

S is for Six and Seven. I made a Six and Seven on a piece of paper....and had her place the appropriate number of Squares in each number.

We made Sugar cookies!

And just so you know....Parker dug this dress out of the pile that I was getting ready to put up in Grace's room. It is a dress that Parker wore at 10 months.....I had just gotten my new camera and was 'testing it out,' This is her then (July 2008)....

My very first 'photo shoot'

Moving on..... Parker is a VERY big help in the least when her 'helping' involves Sugar!

And what are Sugar cookies without the Sprinkles?!?


Well....I took the leap.

She finally got her own pair of Scissors!! She just has this fascination with Scissors. (As I am sure that many kids do.) But anyway. {I gave her paper to cut just the other morning while i was cutting fabric....and every time I would look up (every 5.2 seconds) she had found something 'new' to cut. I'd catch her before she did...but I had to laugh because it was almost like she was on a mission!}

Here they are. I gave them to her and opened the package soon after returning from Target. Before I could even explain the rules......

...she had gone into our bathroom.....opened one of our drawers.....and got out this brush....

...and cut it all up while sitting on the couch. Seriously.....8.4 seconds had passed since giving her the scissors...while Geoff and I were continuing to unpack the groceries...

So we tried to be a little more contructive with the a little more direction....

I had originally set out for her to make the Sun out of a paper plate. didn't really work out too well. ;)

I had bought this kit back when we did letter M....but never got around to doing it. So I thought it still appropriate for S...Stepping Stone!

After we made the Stepping Stone.....she played in her beach sensory tub with the Sand, shells, and Starfish.

Then she pretended to Sleep in her Swing!

Geoff got her this Strawberry Shortcake drink the other day. It's so cute, and I decided to include it, because she will say Strawberry Little cake......even though we have only said short cake. It's like her brain automatically translates the short to little. So cute, I think.

My friend, Amy, came over for lunch a few weeks ago....and had read about how we were working on letter came with a bag of goodies!!

She brought over a gift bag full of Stickers!!! And not just any Stickers...but Superhero Stickers (Batman...I think these were her favorite).....Smiley face Stickers.....Star Stickers.....and my favorite....Sparkling alphabet Stickers.

And Amy also brought her SkittleS! Which she loved.

Thanks again, Amy!!

And my all-time favorites:

Sweet Sister moments...

Moments I live for.


To see our first S week...go here.

To see what other tots are doing, visit 1+1+1=1.


Stefanie said...

Fabulous S week!

I was rofl at her with the scissors. My tot is in love with scissors too. She wants to cut like big sis so badly and just doesn't have the control. And I've bought 3 different kinds. Then a couple of weeks ago she tried to cut Big Sis' hair. Thankfully she couldn't because she can't cut a lick. But I'm no longer in a hurry to teach her. LOL

Viv said...

Wonderful pics! Love the
"S" week as well as the sister pics. Loved the previous blog to of ya'lls vacation. looked like ya'll had a wonderful time, Making memories!

Jill said...

Great pictures and activities! I love the intensity she shows with her projects, so dear! Have a wonderful week!

Our Family for His Glory said...

What a wonderful week & beautiful pictures!! You have so many great ideas!!

Megan said...

So. much. fun!!! Oh and educational too! :-)

Really, such great ideas!

Ambra said...

I'll printing off the square puzzles, thanks! :)

Kristin said...

I love that Parker puts on her old clothes.. and most of the time they look like the fit.. HA

Such great crafts!! I am not joking that I will be bringing Payton over for crafts when she is old enough to do them!

I love her stepping stone!! Looks SO pretty!!

Pamela said...

Wow that last picture is soooo sweet! The scissor story was too funny, they move fast don't they! I love all the activities you were able to do, looks like a great week!

Katie said...

You had a great collection of s activities and ideas. Thanks for sharing your square puzzles

Unknown said...

i am really enjoying reading your posts! you have such great ideas - thanks for sharing! :) i'm starting the Letter of the Week with my little boy so it is really fun to see what other moms do!

Stefanie said...

The creation book was from Hubbards Cupboard. The 3's curriculum I believe. The first 3 weeks has a link to the printable pages.

My oldest daughter was sitting next to me I as was scrolling to the comments and she said, "Wow! This mom does way more than you do with Kayleigh. She's so cool."

I think she might have called me a slacker too. LOL I'm so going to try and remember that for next Tiny Talk Tuesday.

Jenn @ Delicious Ambiguity said...

What a round up of S ideas and a brilliant printable puzzle. Thanks so much for linking up to Tot Tuesdays. I'll be featuring your printable puzzle tomorrow. Have a great day.

Anonymous said...

I am a PreK-4 teacher. I have been doing research on the computer trying to find different ways to teach my kids about the alphabet without exclusively using worksheets. You have some AMAZING IDEAS. Thanks so much!


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