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Friday, August 13, 2010

This week.....

......we melted crayons outside in the 100+ degree heat!! I have seen the idea of melting crayons in muffin tins in your oven (which I thought was a GREAT idea)....but then I saw here....where they put their broken crayon pieces in plastic cups....put these plastic cups filled with crayons on a paper plate lined with aluminum foil....covered them in seran wrap....and placed them the sun to melt! I thought Parker would love it...and she did. However, she still did not do much coloring. Just not her favorite thing to do!

They really needed to melt longer....but I became impatient!

.......we picked all of these okra from our garden.

She said, "Mommy! Look! It's a BIG one!"

Parker took it upon herself to count them all.

She'd have it right...until she gets to 'eleventeen'...then she just starts repeating herself. She was so proud though!

....Grace played with tupperware because....well....she is bored with most of her toys!

......I figured out that Grace enjoys eating her baby food when it is cold. This could be, in part, because she is just getting used to eating. But it has worked. She has been eating almost 2 full jars of the (small) first food jars!! I don't think Parker ever ate that much! But....Parker was using formula at this not sure if my milk is less filling? Regardless of my analyzation......I am so happy!

.....I captured my girlies staring intently at the TV after just putting on Toy Story. Do you think this runs in their genes? I mean....this is exactly how their daddy looks when he's in front of the TV. Ha!

......ONE afternoon (today)....Geoff took care of the girls so I could get a few things done. We had decided to keep Parker up instead of putting her down for a nap....because she is in one of those inbetween stages right now where if she naps....she's up so late. Anyway.....from the other room....I realize it is so quiet. Real quiet. I come out to find this.

Geoff said..."She just fell asleep in my lap while watching TV."

What?????? This never....and I do mean never happens to me. I say..."let's go lay down in Momma's bed and watch Word World"...thinking....maybe she will close her eyes. Maybe she will rest. Nope.

Really? Why does it have to be this way? :)

(and that is not her bottle. it was a leftover one from Grace that she had been feeding Lovey)

......we had FOUR playdates! And believe it or not...I took NO pictures!! :(

Monday....we met up with Erin (and her daughter, Reagan) and Jessica. I had never met them in real-life before....but through our blogs....have come to know each other. It's a fun story! Anyway....we had a great time and I am hoping to get together again soon! Erin brought the girls these cute matching pajamas and I had hoped to take pictures of them wearing them, but I have not. So hopefully that will be coming soon! long time (17 years) best friend Amy came to eat lunch with us....and brought Parker all of these letter "S" goodies for our letter of week theme! So sweet of her to think of us! I'll share more about these things on Sunday in our Tot School post! Thank you, Amy!

Wednesday....we went over to Jodie's house with a few of our other friends, where the kids were able to play outside on the fun water slide...then in for snow cones....and enjoyed lunch! You can read about our adventures here.

Thursday.....we went to my sister's house for a playdate with Hayden. Megan was so good to take pictures...and you can read about our adventures from this day here.

We've had a good and busy week....and looking forward to a good weekend. How about you?

Happy Friday, everybody!


Our Family for His Glory said...

I never thought to melt crayons in the sun before!! And I'm so glad baby food is finally working!! Hurray! And how fun to have all of those play-dates. We haven't had one in weeks!
Have a wonderful weekend!

Jill said...

We've done this with crayons too before and yes it's hard to wait! LOL Your girls are so adorable and the tupperware is great! Who needs toys, right? Just like big empty boxes, they're the best. :-) Have a fabulous weekend!

Kristin said...

I can't believe Parker fell asleep like that!! We always say we don't have one of "those" kids!! Which I know we don't.. but she must have been very tired!!

Wow, ya'll did have a fun filled week!!

Kristin said...

Oh and I can't believe how much Okra you got!!!! Amazing!!

Jodie said...

It looks like you had a great week! I keep meaning to do the whole melted crayons with broken pieces, but I usually just trash them in my haste of cleaning. And look at all of that Okra!

Jen @ lil Mop Top said...

love the crayons idea! I will have to try that. I had been wanting to get a cute ice tray for melting crayons, but cupcake paper is good enough! Glad to here Grace is eating better now! :)

Viv said...

Sounds like ya'll have had a fun-filled full week I can't get over how Grace is sitting up so well and looking more like her sister every day!

Amanda said...

LOVE the crayon idea. Think we will try that tomorrow. :)

Our girls are SO MUCH alike. From the "eleventeen" counting, cold baby food, and NEVER falling asleep. It's so fun reading about families/kids so much like us. :)

Milstead said...

Awww...anytime! I'm glad she liked them! I had a blast hanging out with the Caldwell clan. I need to come back sooner than later. :)


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