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Thursday, August 19, 2010

Grace @ 7 months

  • She started rolling over from front to back on July 28. Now you can lay on the ground and just roll and roll all over the place. I love it! Parker never really did this, so its fun to see.
  • Every night (and at nap)...I lay her on her back....and 98% of the time when I go get her or when I check on her....she is on her belly.
  • Eating a LOT! It wasn't too long ago that I was stressing about getting her to eat! Now, she will eat just about anything! Ha! I have just recently (over the past week or so) moved to a 4 hour feeding schedule. So we shoot for 7am, 11am, 3pm, and again at 7pm. After your 7am feeding, I am giving her oatmeal mixed with breast milk and fruit. AFter the 11am feeding, I am giving her a fruit and vegetable. And for some reason...don't know if this is 'right' or not....but I am nursing at 3pm...then feeding her dinner at 5pm (oatmeal mixed with fruit again, and a vegetable)...then nursing at 7pm and putting her straight to bed.
  • Napping. Still working on it! :) I try to put her down consistently at 9am and then again at 1pm. Sometimes we even get a 30 minute nap in around 4:30 or 5:00, which is really nice. Her morning nap is usually 45 minutes....and her afternoon nap ranges from 30 minutes to almost 3 hours? Whatever.
  • She is basically (and I use that term loosely) sleeping from 7pm to 7am each night (which may be the reason for her short naps?). If you would have asked me a week ago...this would have been completely true. But starting about a week ago...she began waking again around 3:45....every night. I think I went in there the first night because it was odd for her to wake up. But starting on Tuesday night (or was it Monday? I swear, all of my days run together)....I let her cry it out at 3:45. I was prepared for the consequences of it waking Parker, but luckily it didn't. Good part....she went back to sleep. Bad took her an hour!!! :(. But the past few nights have been a little better. She will also sometimes wake at midnight....and it takes her about 5 minutes to go back to sleep? Who knows!! But we are definitely working on it! (SOOOOO different from Parker....who at 3 months was sleeping 10-12 hours in the night!! And only woke up once in the middle of the night when she was 9 months old.)

Grace Jean-

I have been thinking all day about how you have now been in our lives for 7 months. And how our time is going so fast. Too fast.

I also thought a lot today....about how much I love you....and how good it feels to hold your little body in my arms and kiss your squishy cheeks. I love to gently rub my hands over your baby fine hair that is starting to fill in on that pretty little head of yours.

I feel like I try to take more moments to just 'feel' you in my arms than I did with Parker at this age....because as much as I am always trying to not take the moment for granted....I feel like I still do. And so each day....I try harder with both of you. Because it's just going too fast.

I am loving being your Momma, and although I do not want these days to come in a hurry....I look forward to the coming months as you learn more and more!

I love you.



A few fun shots from her 7 month bday!

She got a hold of her sister's cup and loved it. Probably not the best idea in the world since they are both a little snotty, but I just this point....they've probably already shared the germs! {Funny.....that's the one thing I think I'd be ok with them not sharing!}



Emily said...

In that second cup picture, I think she looks just like Parker.. or is making a Parker face! :)

Our Family for His Glory said...

Marla, you are such a good mommy!! I love how you have written everything out... so you can remember & so she can read this someday, & it really is encouraging to other mommies going through the same thing(s) with their little ones!! You are doing such a great job taking care of those 2 precious girls!! And they are so sweet... I LOVE the chair idea!! (Where did you get that cute chair??)
Blessings to you!!

Milstead said...

I ADORE these pictures! Her eyes...she's so beautiful. I just love her to pieces.


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