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Friday, December 9, 2011

From our Phone Photos.

I had the pleasure of meeting Miss Elizabeth Ruth this past Saturday with Parker.  I went to Baylor with Emily (her momma)....and it was so good to meet her.  She is so sweet and just beautiful!

I took Parker with me and before we got there....I had a talk with her about how we don't need to touch babies....not on their face or hands.....because we don't want to share our germs with them.  And then she asked, "But if we had our own baby....we could touch her hands and face?"  I laughed and told her, "Yes....if we had our own baby you could touch her hands and face."  ;)


We visited Prairie Lights with Kristin, Phil, and Payton.

We had a mini 'snowman themed day' one day this past week.  I made them snowman pancakes for breakfast.....

Parker's favorite thing was the chocolate....

Grace loved the marshmallows.  It was the first thing she ate.

Chocolate chip eyes, bacon scarf, and marshmallow snow.  I got the idea from here.  So cute and simple!

We made a snowman out of 2 paper plates, cotton balls, and some construction paper.  My real camera wasn't working for a few days (thanksfully Geoff figured out what was wrong!)....and so I used the trusty ole phone.

Then we hung them up on our Christmas craft display....


Grace's- she loved painting the glue on.  Did NOT like the texture of the cotton I put them on where she had spread the glue.  She also didn't want to add the beak, so I did.


Just because.....


I made this Southwest Corn Dip to take to our Sunday school Christmas party this past Sunday.  It was a huge hit.  So good.  Goes great with corn chips, but I could eat it with a fork!

And oddly enough....we still have cilantro growing in our garden.  We had planted some in a pot last spring....and when we used it all up, and it 'died' off....we thought it was over.  Geoff dumped the soil into our raised bed....and a few months later....we have a lot of cilantro.  ;)


Sunset near our home....And in the far, far can see the Dallas skyline.....


Sunday morning....dressed for church and for our class Sunday school Christmas party afterwards.  Kristin made Parker's dress for Payton, so we borrowed it.....and Grace's dress is Payton's from last year that Kristin also made.  It's not too late to purchase a holiday dress and have delivery by the holidays!  Visit our shop today!


Happy weekend everyone!


life rearranged


Anna said...

adorable girls!!! I really think I looked at your etsy shop this past week when looking for my daughter! :D and that corn dip DOES look good!

ems said...

Making snowmen out of pancakes is on our list of "christmas" things to do - and I love the idea of the bacon scarf, why I didn't think of that is beyond me! The kids will LOVE it!!!

Viv said...

Precious pictures! The pancakes looked yummy as well as the dip. Tell the girls hurray on their crafts, they do so good!


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