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Monday, December 12, 2011

A picnic of S'mores.....on our living room floor....

I saw the idea make little gift boxes with all of the ingredients for S'mores and giveaway for Christmas.  I love this idea.

So when buying the stuff to give away....I decided to get one for us, too.

I worked all weekend....and this morning when I got home Parker was asking to cut down another bag from the advent calendar.  I asked Geoff what today's activity was.....and he quickly responded with..."I don't know, Mommy.....I haven't looked at it yet"...with a half smile on his face.....because we both knew good and well there was nothing planned!  ;)  (see- this is definitely my 'project', but was happy to discover that he had taken over for the weekend when I clearly had forgotten)

So......delirious from tiredness.....luckily- I remembered the s'mores.  Geoff had already said that he wanted to make something easy for opposed to the eating out that we do way too much of these days.

So I quickly wrote on a piece of paper....something about how tonight was S'mores night.

Since we've never done this before- she didn't know what to look forward to, but was content nonetheless.

But after dinner was over.....she got very, very excited to know that we would be having a picnic in the living room......and that it involved....chocolate.  She was a big helper in getting everything to the living room....and her excitement was contagious...and so Grace (really not knowing at all what was going on) was excited, too.

And so....we had a picnic of s'mores....on our living room floor.....

I gave up on my camera and figuring out all of the setting.... and switched to my phone...

Parker said at least 2 times, I know... "This is so much fun."  

Makes it a winner in my book.


Vivian said...

How fun! With the cold temperatures that is such a great idea! I'm going to try it out with the kids!

Viv said...

what a wonderful idea! Pics are great too. I loved Parker's face!(Grace was precious too with the chocolate smiles.)

Stephanie Wilson she/her @babysteph said...

Oh that DOES sound like so much fun!



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