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Saturday, December 17, 2011

quite a treat. ;)

We are getting really great use out of our Little People Nativity set.

I have thoroughly enjoyed watching Parker play with them.  She has been 'pretend' playing for a while......but now- with these 'characters' has been brought to a new level and I love it.  Now I am starting to think she might really like a doll house.  We'll see.

She literally takes them all over the house.


I worked last weekend....and so since I was sleeping......I came up with an idea/activity for Geoff and the kids to do so that they could get out of the house for a bit (Geoff usually doesn't mind this....he welcomes ideas for entertaining).

Anyway- through the hustle and bustle of the holidays, we- like everyone....want our kids to know about the real reason for the season....and about giving and not receiving.  And I do try hard....still probably fall short, but try I do.  And with Parker getting older and understanding just strengthens my desire to teach her (and I actually learn so much just through trying to teach her-- truly a blessing).

Anyway- as I was leaving Wal-Mart one day- I saw the angel tree.  I knew I wanted to do something along these lines, and there is stuff everywhere that is available to do....but I thought it would be neat if they went to Wal-Mart, and picked out a kid to buy for....and then they would just be able to go ahead and get the gift while there.

Parker really loves to cut them down each day.

See how crafty and not last minute my activities are each day?  ;)  {I hope you inserted sarcasm in reading that last sentence.}

Geoff took my phone to take pictures and capture the day.  When Friday rolls around I think that I haven't taken many pictures of the week.....and honestly- most weeks I forget if it happened that week or another week.  ;)  So I just start where I left off the previous week.  Ha.

So it was quite a treat this morning when  I looked through my phone and found these pictures.  I knew he had done this, but had forgotten, and consequently- never looked through them until not that long ago.

{We really need to work on the brushing of her hair.  I don't even care if she doesn't want a bow....but she kind of needs something to keep that hair out of her eyes!}

I think the girls wanted this?  Not exactly sure.  But pretty sure.  (they didn't get it- not for them or for the gift).

They got this.  Geoff picked it out.  Quite honestly- I think that he wanted one for himself.  ;)

Had a treat with lunch at McDonald's....

I didn't realize this....but you can leave the gifts at Wal-Mart or take them to the fire station.  So Geoff took them to the fire station.

They didn't get to stay for long because they had to go out on a call, but I still think it was so neat that he took them there.


You need to try this Taco Soup and Salsa recipe soon!


I don't normally mind letting Parker play games on my phone.  She usually doesn't get into much....never (usually) tries to call people or anything.  So she's pretty 'safe'.  But her new 'playing games' has turned into taking pictures with Hipstamatic.  I guess I don't mind....and albeit....a little entertaining for me.

All....compliments of Parker....


I'm not really a fan of letting Parker play games on the computer.   When she's with me- she usually gets agitated and, in turns, makes me agitated.  ;)

But Geoff has taken the time to work with her on it, and so now she does really well with some of them.  And some are quite educational, too.  I'm not sure which ones she plays exactly- but they are found on


Hope everyone has a great weekend.  Ours (mine, at least) will consist of working just 8 hours today (about to leave, actually)....then home for some family time.  Sunday will be time, and more church in the evening as Parker will have her first choir concert.  Looking forward to it.


Skye McLain said...

What a sweet thing for you and your babies to do! :) Merry Christmas friend!:)

Viv said...

I've always liked the angel tree concept! Parker is actually doing pretty good with the pics too!


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