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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

just a really good day.

We started out our day with powdered donuts, and this Little People Nativity set that was a gift for our advent today.

The girls loved it.

Did a few printables from Confessions of  Homeschooler J is for Jesus.

After only a few seconds of my eyes off of her to snap the above pictures of Parker....and this-  She is out of control.  Doesn't listen well at all.  :)

I let Parker cut out this little manger scene by herself.  By this time, Grace was completely uninterested and so I did hers.

She found her lone My Little Pony doll a little later....and was back with the Little People nativity to play.  One by one...each of the people 'rode' in on the horse....guided by the see baby Jesus.

After lunch was nap time/quite time.  Parker and I did a whole lot of nothing.  We watched the Charlie Brown Christmas that was on ABC last night.  She loved it.  I think it's the "I want a dog for Christmas, Charlie Brown" episode.

After naptime/quiet time....we made a quick trip to Target.  The girls were pretty good.  Just kind of in a good mood and hyper (which is better than a difficult and whiny mood)....but still sort of everywhere.

We made a stop by Sonic for happy hour...

I don't get any special flavoring or anything like that....just plain ole Dr. Pepper. 

Parker was 'playing a game' on my phone on the way home.  Uh-huh.  Sure she was....

Came home....started up the Christmas music

Then I started the taco soup we were going to have for dinner.  While the soup simmered on the stove, I gave the girls a bath.  We didn't hardly even talk during bath time.  The girls each played so well by themselves- in their own little world- and it was a joy to watch.

I want to share this recipe because it is really good and really easy.  A real 'throw together' meal, but I feel like it's pretty healthy, too.  And another reason I want to share this that.....both of my kids ate it!!  I was surprised, and very happy.

There are lots of Taco Soup recipes out there...and to be honest- I haven't tried any others because I just like this one so much.  Kristin brought this recipe to us years ago and we've stuck with it.

1 lb ground beef (or substitute withe turkey if you'd like)
2- 14.5 oz cans of whole kernel corn, drained
2- 14.5 cans of beans (I used one kidney bean and one pinto bean), UNdrained
2- cans Rotel- the regular size- (tomatoes and green chiles)- I used one mild and one original because I didn't want it to be too spicy for the girls, UNdrained
2- cans (the regular size) stewed tomatoes- UNdrained
1 packet taco seasoning
1 packet ranch dressing (the dry mix)

All you have to do is brown the beef.  Drain off grease....then add the rest of the ingredients.  Just heat until warm.  I did let mine simmer tonight for about 45 minutes or so just to let the flavors meld.  This is one of those meals, too, that is even better the next day.

I also served it with the Tostito's scoops.  We don't usually splurge on those chips, but they are great for dipping.  You can also add cheese and or sour cream, but I was too lazy to get it out just for myself.

I also got made this new salsa that Kristin also discovered recently on Pinterest.  Probably the easiest salsa recipe I've ever made, and really, really good.

And even this late in the Jesus was still a hot item.  Grace started whining.  I asked why.  She said (and pointed),  "Parter too{k} my babee Je-sus!"

I then told Grace to come over by me and she could play with all of the other people.....and lo and behold.....Parker didn't want that lone baby Jesus any more.  :)

While I cleaned up the kitchen....I turned on Word World.  We still watch this most of the time as our winding down at the end of the day before bedtime.  I peeked into the living room and found this....

Once the kids were down I made these Easy Pretzel Turtles.  They are, again, really easy (do you see a theme I have going here?  I need the easy in my life right now!)  I wanted to do something for the ladies that watch Grace in the nursery, and teach Parker choir and AWANA.  So I decided on these.  I have to run to Hobby Lobby or Michael's in the morning to get something to put them in.  OR- I may just end up using some clear bags I have here, tie some ribbon, and add a tag.  We'll see.

Step 1: (Instead of using just the regular mini pretzels this time....I also used the mini square-gridlooking ones....and I think I like how they turned out better).

And the finished product.....

Geoff just walked in the door and said...."Hmmm...something smells good.  Did you make something?"

He walked into the kitchen..."Did you make all of these candies?  Can I have one?"  (He sounded a little surprised.  I guess I don't do things like this very often.  ;)

See- something so easy, but looks so pretty.  (and the whole making dinner part....yeh- that doesn't happen very often either......)


Kristin said...

Looks like a great day! I think I will print those "J" things out!! Where do you get those paint things they were using? I haven't seen them before.

And yes the pretzels were yummy I ate two when I was there!!

Jennifer said...

You do the most fun things with your girls, and I love how Grace is right up there with Parker. I tend to do 'extra' and messy things when Hudson is napping and I need to be better about including him.

I love those rolo things! Yum!


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