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Sunday, July 1, 2012

Ta- daaaah!!!

Don't let this somber face fool you....

She is anything but!

When I try to come up with words to describe her...I just can't find one word.  Even a few words seem to lack the ability to give an accurate picture of her.

She's a mess.  A hot mess.  She's easy going (getting to be less and less, haha!).  A ball of energy.  Into everything.  Full of laughter. And well, a mess.

Today- Parker and I were in the laundry room.  She runs in from the living room and says loudly and proudly, "Ta-daaah!" while swinging her arms out as if she had something to show.

"Ta-dah?!"  What did you do?" I replied questioningly.

She said, again, loudly and proudly, "I didn't write on my hands with marker!!" while showing me her hands.

I replied, "You didn't? Yay!!  I'm so proud of you, Grace!!"

Then she said........(a third time) loudly and proudly, "I wrote on the couch!!!"

A spanking and time out later....she was still very loud (she wasn't a fan of time out)....only..... not so proud anymore.

Then we went through the drill again for the upteenth time.

Me: Grace....where do we use our markers?
Grace:  On the paper.
Me: Are you supposed to write on your hand?"
Grace:  No.
Me: Where are you supposed to write?
Grace: On the paper.
Me: Are you supposed to write on the couch?
Grace: No.
Me: Where are you supposed to write.
Grace: On the paper.
Me: Why did you go to time out?
Grace: I went to time out because I wrote on the couch and I will not do it again.

See!!  She knows what she's doing!!  Little stinker.

And then Parker comments and praises herself because she doesn't write on the couch like Grace.  And I remind Parker that she's 2...and started to say, "Parker- when you were 2..." And then I stopped myself.  Because when she was 2.....we didn't own markers!!!

So thankful she's my mess.


The Fenter Funny Farm said...

Oh Marla...I love this post. She may be a "hot mess" but she is precious...I love reading the stories! This one really made me smile...

Viv said...

Made me smile too! She is a honey!(as is her sister) Love those girls!

Unknown said...

Adorable post! I just LOVE that last pic... Precious!!!!!


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