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Monday, July 9, 2012

two big girl beds....

So we bit the bullet tonight.

Parker has had bunk beds for a while (can't find a picture of them....  may not have ever taken one!).  Anyway- bed time has somewhat become a bit of a chore with me rocking Grace (something I chose to do about 6 months ago to hold on to her being a baby for just a tad longer)...and then me laying with Parker each night until she falls asleep (usually 5-10 minutes).  It was basically 2 different rituals.....taking me way too long.  I thought that maybe if we went ahead and put them in the same room with a night light....they'd have each other and our new rule would be no rocking and no laying with them.

Our plan has been for Grace to stay in her crib until she is 4 (I kid.  Sorta.)  And then for Parker to move to the top bunk and Grace to the bottom.  Well- Parker didn't want to move- which is totally fine and probably for the we just separated the 2.  We still need to rearrange the headboards and footboards to be in correct placement for twin beds...but we decided to leave it this way for now because Grace would have the rails for a bit.  I also need to fix their lights and a few other things need to go up on their walls.  OH- and they still need comforters/quilts of some sort!  Slowly but surely we'll get there.  I hope.

We did our bedtime routine as usual....

All tucked in snug as a bug!

 Parker cried for me for a bit.  I went in there and she wanted me to lay with her.  I firmly told her no and then Grace started crying....saying she didn't want Parker to wake her up.  So I told Parker again- please stop crying so that you don't wake Grace up.  I left the room and heard not another sound.

It's now 35 minutes later and so far so good.  We'll see.....


Emily said...

Aww, good luck Marla! I bet the girls will love sharing a room! LOVE that wallpaper too!

Viv said...

It's going to work out. You did good though because you stuck to your guns!


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