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Thursday, July 26, 2012


I have quite a few things to blog about...nothing too special....just our everyday things.  It gets a little overwhelmedwhen I get behind just because if I let too much time go by...I'll never do it.

So here's just a tidbit of what's been going on over here the past few weeks...

We replaced our original pendant light that came with the house with this one from Ikea.  There are some really pretty ones I've seen in various places...but they are usually $100+.  So I got this one for $25.  I know you get what you pay for....and so it's not as nice and probably won't last as long.  But I like it for now.  It fits right in with our turquoise table I think.

A random picture that Parker (or Grace, I suppose) took of Payton one day when they were playing here and snuck away with my phone.  So funny.  If you know Payton- you know that she was 'smiling' for the camera (not that she always smiles like this....but just imagining them in Parker's room playing and acting grown up and taking pictures).  

Little outfits I made for my sweet little primary baby at work before she went home.  I made them for her 'first year' of holidays....

Craft time one afternoon with the girls....

One day last week Geoff took the girls to visit his dad....they played putt-putt and rode these little go carts.  Parker thought it was pretty neat to get to do this!

Wednesday morning.  
Lazy morning with my oldest gal.  
Sitting in my lap...snuggling.... watching a show while I perused the internet....drinking my cup of coffee....and waiting for my youngest gal to wake.

And tonight....driving home from a visit to Waco to visit a good friend from college.  I thought the girls would go to sleep quickly.  They played and played.  But instead....didn't get to sleep til over an hour into the ride!  And when little miss finally made it to sleep...she had put her shades on.  Love this girl. 
{more on our trip later!}

 And my newest favorite thing to eat.  My friend, Jodie, introduced me the other day to: toast with avocado and salt. (luckily I had already picked up some avocado at the store before I even knew about this!)  So yum.  Seriously.  Can't wait til breakfast tomorrow to have another!


life rearranged


Viv said...

Glad you got to go to Waco, hope they are doing good. I always love the pics of the feet! Love all the pictures as usual!

Jodie said...

I am glad you are enjoying the avocado! And I love the look in the kitchen. It inspires me. I want a change!


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