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Friday, December 21, 2012

Christmas Card 2012

I didn't really think I'd get Christmas cards out this year.  I had the best of intentions (like always) to get family pictures done in October...but my laziness and first trimester kept me from it.  Then the time just flew.  So while I like to send out Christmas cards with pictures of our whole family- this year I settled for a couple pictures of the girls.  I love having a Christmas cards to look back on each year and how we've all grown.

After Parker got out of school on Monday- I took them to a nearby park.  I thought it'd be SO easy.  Just snap few.  Yeh. Not so much.  But I guess I got a few and that's all you really need.

So here it is....our Christmas card 2012

Christmas Card Past

2006- Our first Christmas that we were married. These were our girls...Lola and Lily.

2007- Our second Christmas together.... we added our baby girl to the mix (Parker at 3 months).

2008- We decided to do a family photo along with some individual photos of Parker (15 months old).



2011- We didn't send out cards. 

This year- 2012


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Emily said...

Very cute! I love your card design.

And I find it funny how so many of us start out with Christmas cards with a couple of dogs on them and work our way up to kids : )

Karrie said...

I love the progression shots!

Viv said...

I've loved every card you've done and loved this one too!

Julia T said...

Love the blog! Such great pics!

Kristin said...

Love all the cards and looking back is always so much fun! Merry Christmas!


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