Sunday, December 2, 2012

Fred is back!

Fred is back!

When Geoff got home.  Oh my goodness.  Parker ran out the door to greet him and was just yelling (and hopping around, too, I'm sure) "Daddy!  Daddy!  Come look at this!  You're not going to believe this!  Just come on!  Hurry up!"  She continued to talk and skip along until they reached the kitchen.  "Daddy!  Look what Fred did!  He got these m&ms and wrote our name.  Can you believe he did that?  He's just amazing."

Just so fun to see (and hear!!) her excitement.

The next evening- the girls spent the night with Grandad and Mimi.  But Parker told me to be sure and take a picture of where Fred flew to and send it to Daddy so that he could show her when he picked her up.  So I did. 

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Viv said...

Fred was so thoughtful! (and very talented!) Precious.


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