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Friday, December 7, 2012

Kelly's Korner, Santa, & Cupcakes!

Today was a FULL day!  A full, but good day though!

I started the morning off early by getting up, getting ready, making some breakfast...and then actually had to wake the girls up (I should write this day down!  It seems like the days I want them to sleep in they are up before 7am...and the days where we need to be somewhere and I don't care if they are up early, they sleep in.  Go figure.)  I had a doctor's appointment this morning for my mid-pregnancy sonogram (all went well and will write more on that later) and so I dropped the girls off at Kristin's.

The plan was for her to meet me after my appointment around 10am at Northpark Mall with the girls and visit Santa.  They really do have the best Santa, but we didn't make it there last year...and so it had been 2 years since we went.  Well- we didn't do our research and plan ahead.  We got there a little after 10, I think, and as we walked up to Santa's little cottage, parents and kids were gathered around for story time.  Come to find out- meeting and taking pictures with Santa didn't actually start til 11:00.  There were LOTS of people there.   We weren't sure at this point if we'd be able to see Santa at all because we didn't want to spend our whole day there, plus we had places to be later on in the afternoon.

So anyway.....getting to the good part.....we were towards the back of the crowd...we thought we'd sit and wait for story time to be over and see what the line looked like....when I looked up and saw Kelly from Kelly's Korner!!  She was with her parents and her sweet girls.  I told Kristin and we couldn't believe it.   I wanted to say something to her, like, "I read your blog.  Love your blog.  You're such an encouragement to women."  But didn't quite know how to make that come out.   I've been reading Kelly's blog since Harper was born and I've always thought so much of her...but let me tell ya....she is just as sweet in real person.  Her parents, too!  Just the sweetest people.  They saw that we had our girls and told us there was room up a little closer for them.  I moved a little closer to help Parker get a little closer and I told Kelly I that I read her blog.  I'm sure she thought I was crazy.  She laughed and smiled and was so nice though.  Parker was actually sitting by Harper for a minute, but the story didn't keep Parker's interest for long.  She was much more interested in visiting the Disney Store.

So while we were standing there (you know I have to tell this story long and drawn-out-like)...Kristin and I saw another woman walk up to her that recognized her.  They spoke for a while and before she walked away they took a picture.

Well- a few minutes later, her girls weren't interested in the story anymore either and so we kind of started chatting with her and I asked if she minded if we took a picture with her.  Her dad snapped this picture of us (Grace was very clingy this morning because she wasn't feeling to fond of Santa).

I was so nervous meeting her and so I'm not sure exactly what all I said! Haha!  We talked a little bit longer and discovered that they had been handing out numbers for waiting for Santa and Kelly told us that they got a number at 9am and they told them then that they probably wouldn't get their picture til noon.  Well- they decided they weren't going to use their number anymore and see Santa this time...and her mom suggested she give their number for us.  Just so sweet and thoughtful!!  We were very thankful!  Really- and it wouldn't have been the end of the world- but if she had not given us her place in line, we would not have been able to see Santa today.

After our meeting with Kelly- we took the girls to the food court and ate lunch.  After lunch- we headed back to the line for Santa and waited maybe 30 minutes or so?

The best I could get of all 3!

Parker thinks she's SO funny!

 Parker and Grace were acting like they didn't want to see Santa.  They were 'scared' of him.  But Payton wasn't!  So we decided she should go first so she didn't get any crazy ideas like them!  And she walked right up and did great!

I had kinda wanted the girls to sit on Santa's lap together, but of course, Parker saw Payton did it by herself and wanted to do the same.  

She told Santa she wanted a dream light???

And next up...Grace.  She held on so tight to me and started to kinda cry...

But then I put her in his lap and she stopped immediately.  It was so funny to me.  The photographer used the Elmo with bells and did get her to smile.

I call it another year of Santa Success!



And since we were in that part of town....we had to stop by Sprinkles for cupcakes.  Yum! {strawberry is my favorite flavor!}


For a look back...

Last year- only Parker saw Santa



Parker (I feel like I look so much younger here!)



Viv said...

Sounds like a great day! Love, love, love the Santa pictures! As usual, priceless!

Emily said...

Your girls look adorable in their Santa dresses! I love the flashback of past Santa pictures : )

Unknown said...

I love this! Kelly is a local friend and I honestly had NO idea how popular her blog was until recently and a couple of friends from another state told me that they read amazing how small this little bloggy world is!! Isn't she the sweetest thing?! She really is just as sweet in person as she is on her blog. :)

Love the Santa photos!

Its Me Again Margaret said...

I am so jealous!!! I love her blog and when she instagrammed that day from North Park I so wanted to go, ha! The girls look adorable in there little dresses and to think this time next year you will add a boy!


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