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Friday, October 11, 2013

a visit from Tooth Fairy

The week after Parker turned 6...her 2 bottom, middle teeth really started to wiggle.  They'd been lose for months, but we knew it was getting close.

So on September 11th...she came home from school and showed me just how wiggly it was.  I took this picture laughingly because I figured it'd be my last chance to take a picture of her mouth full of baby teeth.

And I was right!  We were at dinner at my mom's a few hours later...and during dinner it started to bleed a little and hurt. It was literally just sitting in there.  I eventually pulled it (it seriously came right out)....and she lost it.  Cried and cried and cried.  And after about 10 minutes...she just stopped.  She said it didn't hurt anymore.  And then ran around giddy, showing everyone her mouth with one less tooth.

And so with losing a tooth....Tooth Fairy came.  She insisted on leaving her a note....

And the Tooth Fairy left her a tiny, little note, a dollar, and some pixie dust.


And here we are 3 and a half weeks later...and she's lost her 2nd tooth!  I couldn't  believe it lasted that long, honestly.  But this past Sunday (Oct 6)...after bath...she showed me and I knew it was going to be the day.  She cried for a while...scared about how it would hurt...and we would just reassure her over and over that if it would only hurt for a little bit and then it wouldn't hurt anymore.

We gave it a rest...and then I would bring it up again because, like with her first tooth...this tooth was just sitting there and I really didn't want to deal with her losing a tooth/meltdown the next morning before school.  And she didn't want to pull it at school (I honestly think this was her motivation to finally end up pulling it).  So right before bed....she called Geoff with her into the bathroom so she could pull her tooth.  Grace followed them in there and I think she just got flustered.

So she decided she wanted to go into her room by herself.  So she did.
She went into her room, shut the door.  And prayed.  Then she went up to her mirror...and started twisting (I know!!  This sounds awful!) her tooth around and pulled it out.

I was so so proud of her.  For pulling her tooth.  But mostly- for praying before she did it.  I was just in awe.  And I cannot take credit for this.  We pray before meals and before bed and I've told her before that she can pray and talk to God anytime....but, honestly, I do not feel like I've shown her this often enough.

She left another note (that Tooth Fairy forgot to take with her!!)....and Tooth Fairy left her another note, a dollar, and pixie dust.  ;)  (a little Parker's note she asked for a lollipop again for her and Grace)

1 comment:

Viv said...

Oh my goodness, another tear-jerker for ole Aunt "B" because it was just so very sweet! Parker is a smart little girl for sure!


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