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Friday, October 4, 2013

learning to skate

Parker got some roller skates for her birthday from my mom and Terry.  She has been asking for a while and since she turned 6....I figured she was big enough.  {sniff}

So the morning after her birthday gathering with family....we headed to the school in our neighborhood to use their big empty parking lot for her very first roller skating experience.  

She was SO excited.

Before we ever left for the school, we told her that it would take time for her to learn how to skate....and that she would probably fall during the process.  We wanted to encourage her, but wanted to be realistic, in hopes that she wouldn't become discouraged when she did fall.

Going slowly...but going!  :)

She got right back up after that first fall!

She probably skated around a good 20 minutes or so.  Falling a few times here and there.  But doing pretty well over all for her very first time.

But this fall did her in.  She was done!  Cried until we were almost home.  Bless her heart.  Good news, though, she still wants to skate!

This girl was all smiles the whole time because she was able to ride Parker's 'big girl bike'.  She's needed a bigger bike than her tricycle for a while she was just riding all over.

Just growing up so fast.


Anonymous said...

She looks soooo cute in all her skate gear!

Nina COX

Kristin said...

Good job skating! I don't think I could skate now if I wanted too HA

Aubrey said...

Loving the skate/bike adventure! They are growing up WAY too fast!

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Peter Floyd said...

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William said...

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