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Saturday, October 19, 2013

saturday house

Do you ever have saturdays that just feel like a saturday?  I realize this is a beyond silly question....but today just had a different feel to it.  I think, large in part, due to this beyond beautiful weather.  But it reminded me of some of the Saturdays I had when I was little.  I loved them.   The windows open...everyone in a good, light, picking up...just being at home.  And with no other responsibilities or commitments for the day.

We started out our morning slow.  Geoff brought me a Starbucks coffee and the girls donuts (ok he got me a donut, too...and my favorite jalapeño cheese bagels from Tom Thumb).   So we already had a good start going for us.

The high was in the 60s...sun shining...with a slight breeze.  Perfection.
 I opened up the windows....and just breathed in the smell of cooler, fall weather.  It gives the whole house a different feel when the windows are open.  And I love it.

It was just a good day that we spent together (Parker was at my mom's most of the day, but still)...and yet we were still productive.

After our slow morning...morning nap (for Nolan)...and lunch...we got dressed and headed out to Home Depot.  
Then Geoff spent some time painting our kitchen table (yes, again!!).  I'm ready to move on from the turquoise...but more importantly- it wasn't looking it's best these days with paint stains from the girl's art projects and then just norma wear and tear.

I got into the attic to bring down a few more baby toys for Nolan.  It's so funny to me to see how the girls (just Grace here, but even Parker, too) see me pull out a toy for Nolan...and they flock to it wanting to play with it themselves.  I know they don't mean harm...but geez!  The boy can't even play with his own toys.  :)

With Parker being gone...we were able to give Little Miss some extra attention and she was our big helper.  But in true Saturday fashion....after lots of helping...she snuggled up on a cozy pallet with a snack...and none other than Barbie Christmas movie. 

We picked Parker up and all had dinner together.  It was fun to listen to her tell us about her day.  When she's gone all day and comes home....sometimes she just seems like she's grown up so much.  Just the way she a bigger kid.  

We also let Nolan try out his first baby food tonight.  Peas.  Those pictures are on my big camera so they'll probably get a post of their own.

And then finished off my day rocking this sweet boy to sleep.

Not a day goes by (even the hard hard ones where I feel so overwhelmed and like I'm failing everyone and everything in my life)...I feel so very blessed.  I've been given way more than I deserve.


Viv said...

Rest assured sweet girl that you DESERVE the best and you indeed have it! What a wonderful family and so many blessings!

Aubrey said...

I love days like that! Can't wait to see the re-vamped kitchen table :)

Kristin said...

sounds like a good saturday! Love the days we were kids and we had the windows open! I need to open the windows here more too!


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