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Saturday, October 12, 2013

story time at the pumpkin patch

This past Saturday- I bundled up the kids and headed to a local little pumpkin patch in our town.  As we were leaving our house the temps were in the 70s....and by the time we left the pumpkin patch they were in the 50s!  It was pretty chili, but we were more than happy to welcome cooler temps!

Some of the proceeds from this pumpkin patch go toward the children's library here, and so I try to support it by getting our pumpkins here.  Anyways- they also have a story time each Saturday followed by some crafts, face painting, and then some other featured fun thing.

 We got there a few minutes the girls ran around a bit playing hide-and-seek in the hay maze.

I have to brag on this guy.  He did SO good the whole time.  Just looked around...played with his toys...and then napped when it was time to nap.  I am so thankful for this go-with-the-flow-baby {most of the time!!}.

Those eyes.  Those cheeks.  That smile.  I'm toast.

The girls were the only ones for just a little bit and then a few more joined in.

After story time...we quickly ran to pick up lunch and ate in the car because we wanted to go back to the pumpkin patch for Patchy the Scarecrow (Patchy does a cute little show..telling stories, singing songs, and interacting with the kids).  So while we waited for Patchy...the girls got their face painted.  They both got flowers on both cheeks.

{and this is when my big camera ran out of phone photos it is}

A little crafting.  This was Parker's first time with a paint pen and she was in love.  She now 'needs' a paint pen.  Haha.

Patchy also made the girls flower balloons while we were waiting for the show to start.

Nap time!

I love love seeing Grace raising her hand here just like the bigger kids.

So here....the kids are sort of acting out a song with props....when it's their turn...they're supposed to raise of their prop and/or do their specified motion.

And oh my goodness...Grace was too funny.  She would not smile.  At all.  The whole time she was standing up there.  She made the face you see below the whole time.  I would smile...make faces at her....and nothing.  The parents and volunteers that were watching all got a little kick out of her.  
She's a mess, I tell ya.

Still sleeping, sweet boy.  Holding onto his toys.

We made it almost to the end of the show, but Parker was getting a little too cold so we headed out a few minutes early.  It was a fun little morning/afternoon with the kiddos.  So thankful for fun {free} activities like this!

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Viv said...

So very sweet! I love Grace's face! (or lack thereof expression) Too cute! Sweet Nolan, such a good little baby boy!


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