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Tuesday, March 4, 2014

ice day

Yesterday, Parker's school was cancelled due to icey roads.  I knew this on Sunday night….and since we had had such a very lazy Sunday….I took a little time to prepare some crafts to do to help keep us busy, occupied, and happy.

Since St. Patrick's day is the holiday of the month…I went with that theme.  We began by reading The Luckiest St. Patrick's Day Ever…then to craft time.

Stamping 4-leaf clovers with bell peppers.  Idea found here (and lots of other places, too!)

They had so much fun doing this.  They each did 2 pages.

Next up….pot of gold with a rainbow.  I've had these tissue paper squares for years from a box of crafts I've had and never used them.  I almost got rid of them because I had never used them…and now I've used them twice in the past month or so. 

And I love how they each came up with their own way to do the rainbow.

And last up…the shamrock crown.  I reeeeally wanted them to paint them green.  They both gave confused looks when I told them, and insisted they make them rainbow.  I shouldn't try to limit their creativity when it comes to these types of things, but I had seen the picture in the tutorial and they were green….so I just thought it needed to be green.  And I am soooo glad they didn't listen to me! 

My next goal is to actually hang up a display line instead of stacking the work up on my dining room table!

I know it takes a little more time to plan and prepare a few activities…but this was pretty simple and didn't take much time at all.  And our day was so much better for it.  The girls would do their activity…and then they'd be ready to play.  Everyone wins.  :)  (and I write all of that as a pep talk to myself!)

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Viv said...

Loved them! Y'all are all so creative!


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