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Monday, March 10, 2014

Ten on Ten :: March 2014

This is my favorite 10 on 10 I've done thus far.  (take 10 pictures…one every hour for 10 hours on the 10th of the month) and then link up over here.  In trying to find the 'beauty in the everyday'…sometimes I think I tried too hard.  To get a 'perfect' shot.  So today, I took a different approach.  I did not keep an eye on the clock.  I didn't hold myself to every. single. hour. like there was this pressure to instantaneously take a picture so that it would be within that specific hour.  But you know what?  I think I ended up doing just about that….a picture an hour for 10 hours.  And it was a good day.

-A picture of a picture from our wedding day.  Tomorrow we celebrate 8 years of marriage.
-Two girls.  Sitting on our coffee table.  Watching the extra features provided by our digital copy of Disney's Frozen…..their favorite right now.  All of the versions of Let it Go… 3 different languages.  They're mesmerized.
-St. Patrick's day themed muffin tin meal.
-My 3 swinging.  It was a beautiful day today.
-A visit to the library.
-Putting together a few puzzles while Nolan was napping.
-Watermelon.  One of the fruits the girls will eat.  ;)
-A napping boy that I had to wake up this afternoon.  The time change.  It's only an hour.  I realize this  But I have been turned around all day.
-Outside again.  And he loves to swing.
-The girls' crafts from last week now displayed.

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Unknown said...

love how bright & beautiful!!

Anonymous said...

Such vibrant, colorful images! I think my favorite, though, is the black and white photograph of your children on the swing set.

Courtney said...

That filled up swingset makes my heart so happy!!

We celebrate 8 years this year too. 2006 was a good year! :)

Viv said...



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