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Monday, June 23, 2014

{early} Father's Day

Geoff had to work on Father's Day….so the Thursday before we decided to do a little something for the man in our lives that does so much for us.

We decided to play "Restaurant"….we were going to make him dinner, do a little decorating, and serve him.  The girls LOVED this idea and were so excited.  I was, too.

Around 3pm that afternoon- we sent him to the office and told him not to come out until we came to get him.  Nolan was down for a nap…so we had to get busy to get the restaurant ready.

The girls colored a brown paper sack (each colored one side but I didn't get a picture of Grace) in which to put some candy we had picked up earlier at the store.

They cleaned off the kitchen table.

Put on the table cloth.

 Parker made the menu and named our restaurant Lasagna House.  Which I thought was perfect.

Love this picture of them.

Table is set.

Nolan woke up about the time that we were ready and so Geoff got him…then the girls got them.

Greeting him at our restaurant door.

Taking his order.

Bread and salad for an appetizer.

Lasagna for dinner.

We eventually all sat down together to eat.  :)

Taking his dessert order.

Sharing his candy that we gave him with the girls.

Cheesecake for dessert.

And one of the things that makes him such a great father….
…helping me clean up after dinner.

Love my family.

On Father's Day we went to church and the girls brought these little treats home for him.

And after we ate lunch- I snapped this picture to send Geoff and told him we love him.

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