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Monday, February 16, 2015

Daddy/Daughter Dance 2015

This year, Parker's school held their first ever Daddy/Daughter Dance.  We didn't tell her about it until the night before (not sure exactly why??)…and she was over-the-moon excited about it.  She's a Daddy's Girl…and any special one-on-one time she gets with her daddy is just that…special.

The day of the dance…I took her shopping for a dress.  I wanted something not too expensive…but a little dressier/foofoo than what she normally wears to church on Sundays (but that she could/would still wear on Sunday).  I didn't mean to wait until the very last minute…but this was pretty much the only time!  ;)

The first dress she tried on was the one she ended up getting.  But it was so funny to see her try it on and tell me, "I really really like this one.  It's really pretty……  But…. it's just not good enough I don't think."  Because we were short on time….we went ahead and bought that dress and wen to one more place to see if we could find something 'better'.  And if we did, then I'd just take the first dress back.

We did find another dress at a different store that I thought was better.  But, of course, she didn't agree.
It was so hard to bite my tongue…but I did!  I let her get the dress that she wanted and that she felt the best in.  And, honestly, the one she chose turned out much cuter than I thought and she was just beautiful.

We told the girls Geoff had to leave to go get me a coffee and get gas in the car (which was true!)….but what they didn't know is that he picked up some flowers just for her.



And waiting….

He rang the doorbell.  She answered.

Smelling the flowers.

I curled Grace's hair and she put on her new dress and we popped us some popcorn.

His tippy toes!!!

Parker and Geoff ended up having an ok time at the dance.  She was a little shy and didn't want to dance too much.  But they ended the night with frozen yogurt.  And I'd call it a success.

They're cute aren't they?

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Viv said...

So very sweet! Priceless!


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