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Saturday, February 21, 2015

my little buddy

Last night, the girls spent the night with Gramma and Poppa…so I was left with an evening alone with this little fella.  We rarely get alone time together and it was nice to slow down and really enjoy him for a few hours.

First- we attempted to take a walk around he neighborhood… but I guess he wasn't feeling it because we never made it past 2 houses and he'd always go back to our front door.  

We spent about 5 more minutes on our front porch with me holding him and him pushing the doorbell over and over again.  ;)  It's the little things, isn't it?

Then I asked him if he wanted to go play with the sand and he ran to the door.

So I pulled out my big camera for just him.

He's so sweet.  And he kept trying to 'fill' this cup up…even though it was already full.

We spent 45 minutes in the sand!
Then came inside for dinner.

Then I decided that my kitchen floors were loooong overdue for a good steam cleaning.  He's my little helper and so I thought I'd let him 'help' until he got tired and then I'd really clean the floor.
Well….he probably did this for a full 10 minutes...

He was really into it….

And if he got tired…he'd just lean against the cabinets or sit down on the floor.  :)

Then bath time!

We usually bathe all the kids together….so this was his face when he figured out he could sprawl out.  I know he misses his sisters….but he sure did love this one-on-one attention…and the fact that he didn't have to share any toys or the bubbles!

I just love my little buddy and so thankful for this time with just him.

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