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Sunday, September 6, 2009

The Flower Girl.

Well..the wedding was a success...minus the flower girl that just had to take her lovey and baby stroller down the aisle with her!!

We had gotten to the church a little early to get ready. And it just so happened that we got ready in the church nursery. It was actually perfect! Parker and Jackson were able to play with the toys while we all got ready.

Parker took a fancy to this stroller right off the bat.

And when it was time to actually walk down the aisle...she was not quite ready to part with her new toy. After a F.I.T. ensued in the foyer...we decided it would be best to just let her walk down the aisle with it.....(thanks Aunt Sis!!)

This video is posted on Kelli's blog along with a few more very good videos that you should watch. But I just wanted to share this one with all of you. It is at the end of the ceremony....I am trying to get Parker to exit with me. We make it half way down the aisle.....and wait...where's Lovey???

These pictures were taken right after the wedding. She was being so sweet with her baby....

More pictures to come of the bride and wedding as I get through them!


Viv said...

Marla, I thought she did so GOOD. She's two weeks shy of being two years old and she's a flower girl and didn't cry or anything going down the aisle. I just loved it! I loved the fact that she had to go back and get her lovey too! It was great!

Milstead said...

This made me laugh SO hard. Your face walking down the aisle was priceless. And I love Geoff trying to get her off the stage! I love that little girl so much! The wedding looked really pretty! She's going to LOVE this video when she's older. :)


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