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Friday, September 18, 2009

Happy Birthday to my dear, sweet Parker!

Two years ago today...we celebrated Parker's birth-day!

I have tons to write and a slideshow of some pictures that I compiled of her second year. However, the slideshow is only half done....and rather than sleep depriving myself even more than I already am (haha)....I am going to post it later. So check back later tonight....and I do mean later, later. Well...really I mean...maybe even morning! :)

I did bake her birthday cake today and I want to share pictures of that...but for now...I'm signing off. {after these next few words from our sponsor, of course}


Happy birthday sweet Parker. I love you so much...more than you'll ever know....more than I ever imagined that I could....and in a way that is simply indescribable. You have brought so much joy into your daddy's and my life. We are loving every minute of watching you grow.... and amaze us each day with the new things you come up with. I can honestly say that you make us smile and laugh every single day. Who could ask for more? We are so very blessed and honored to be your parents. I hope you have a the most wonderful day!




This is the slideshow of her first year....makes me teary-eyed every time!


Kristin said...

Happy birthday to Parker!!! I love you so much!!

And each day I see you, you make me laugh and smile too!!

A lot of the pictures through the slideshow looks so much like Payton!!

Jodie said...

Happy Birthday Parker!

Viv said...

Happy Birthday Sweet Parker, the slideshow brought happy tears to my eyes. We love you, Aunt "B".


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