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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

icing the cupcakes....

This past Friday, Parker's Grandad and Mimi (Geoff's dad and Marilyn) came to visit us to celebrate Parker's second birthday. Geoff cooked a delicious meal of white chicken chili and did a great job getting the house picked up and cleaned. It was the best surprise after a day at school.

He had not planned dessert....which made me happy because I was craving cupcakes. He suggested picking some up that were already made...but I had other plans.

So I picked up a box of chocolate cake mix and a tub of icing on my way home...and the rest is history.

I baked the cupcakes with the intentions of Parker 'helping' me ice them.

This is how the story goes....

I could not even get the icing open before she picked up her cupcake and began eating it.

She saw me icing the cupcakes. I gave her her own knife (brave, I know)....and let her dig in.

{I really was watching her closely with that butter knife and everything}

And, of course....the mess she is bound to make...

And I couldn't resist these squished up toes. Is there something wrong with me? (on second thought...don't answer that)

Now....time for the sprinkles. I thought I'd be smarter with these little suckers than I was the last I put this in this fairly deep cupcake container before the sprinkling commenced.

"Doh!!" Right into the cupcakes! But don't fret. I had put so much icing on the cupcakes (yummy!) that you couldn't even tell when we picked up the sprinkles bottle!

So while I was cleaning the mess off of this sprinkles container...

Parker was busy cleaning her hands........ on her shirt.

I mean....who taught her how to do this???

So on with the sprinkling....

And "tah-dah!" They're complete. By this point she had dropped the container I just let her start on the dishes while I finished the sprinkling.

The end.


Kristin said...

Such a big girl!!!!

Cupcakes looked yummy too!!

Viv said...

Cupcakes did look very yummy! She's quite the little cook and I think that is just wonderful! What a cutie pie!


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