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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

her birthday. the finale. finally.

With all that has been going on in the past few months....we opted to not have a birthday gathering for Parker's second birthday. In July, I was fine with the idea.

Then August rolls around and I start thinking, "She has to have a birthday party. It's for her."

Then one thing after another...just pure busy-ness..and we finally decided no.

I was a little unsure of our decision until her birthday evening rolled around and we ended up having a really good time. I think we succeeded in making the day special for her and that's all that matters!

And it was virtually stress free. Which was nice.


I had to go to school until 3:00 that day, so she had spent the day with Geoff. On my way home, I stopped by Party City to bring her home some birthday balloons. I ended up picking up a few little odds and ends/trinkets as well. I couldn't resist.

And that's where we'll begin...

I gave her a "surprise"...a little tin purse-thing with a notebook, brush, bracelets, and necklace inside. She seemed to really enjoy it...

Daddy's such a good sport. Here, she is showing him everything...

But now she wants him to wear it...

Now she has to sit in the bumbo (that we have out for when Payton visits) to go through her tin purse...

This is what happened when I asked her if I could take a picture of her shirt. She raised her shirt! Haha!

Granny and Payton. (And I am kicking myself now because I realize that I failed to get a picture of Parker with Granny!!)

Parker with her birthday balloons!

The birthday cake.

"So...umm...what's this??"

Attempting to blow out the candles.

She didn't quite understand what was going on. So I ended up helping her out.

She really only cared about those M&Ms anyway. I wish we would have captured it in a picture...maybe we did on video....but she really wanted to pick up an M&M, but knew that she wasn't supposed to touch the cake. But after the candles were out, we told her she could get the M&Ms.....and her face was absolutely priceless. "You mean...I can actually touch the cake now??"

"I think I still want another one...."

Kristin, Phil, and Payton came by to bring Parker her gifts and ended up staying for dinner and cake. Then my mom and Terry showed up a bit later to drop off some birthday presents, as well. Let me tell you...I don't think this girl hurts for a thing! She got some really great things that she loves including (but not limited to): a baby high chair, car seat, stroller, and I think her!!!

And that is just naming a few. She is also supposed to be getting a swing set sometime soon (given to her by my mom & Terry and my dad & Kay and us) when we set aside time to go look... and then have a clear day to have it installed! We are so very blessed to have such a great family and friends!


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Parker! She is a girl after my own heart w/her love for shoes! And I am still so impressed w/that cake. Hope to see ya'll this weekend!
Much love, Emmy

Viv said...

So, so very sweet. I was behind on the blog reviewing since we've been in FW the past few days & was so looking forward to seeing ya'll's blogs, gotta catch up! By the way, I LOVE THE TABLE. Not going to go back up to comment there, thought I would do it on this one too.


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