Wednesday, October 28, 2009

I have big plans for the day....

UPDATE: Well- surprise, surprise! I didn't quite get to everything I had wanted to. In fact- I didn't really finish anything at all.

I was going to make these Nutter Butter ghosts, but inadvertently bought the Nutter Butter Cream Puff thingies instead, so that idea went out the window. I improvised and used Oreos....they're not as ghostly cute....and I ran out of stamina after putting eyes and mouths on about 5 (lazy, I know)....

so I just covered the rest with the almond bark. They're still pretty tasty, though.

Then I got about this far with these candy corn rice krispies treats...

As you can see....not so productive.

It was a combination of Parker "helping" me....

....and then her not wanting to "help" me and play in the water instead.....and me being tired and de-motivated to complete what I had planned! plan: try to finish some more of this baking on Saturday!


Original post:

We'll see what I can get done!

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Marla said...

i was looking forward to all the treats today!!!! O-well I didn't see how you would get it all done without being overly tired!!


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